Cubic Zirconia in Metaphysics

Two weeks ago, a clear cubic zirconia arrived in the mail.


Being a man-made crystal, it formed much more quickly than a naturally-occurring stone. Created in the sterile conditions of a laboratory, it also hasn’t absorbed the influences of the other rocks and minerals around it or other environmental traits.

This makes for a feeling of power and ambiguity. I was aware of the crystal’s potential, but I was unclear at what that potential was. For instance, when you touch obsidian, you get the feeling of power, but you also are very clear about what direction the stone will take you in.

This wasn’t true with the cubic zirconia. I’m not sure it knew its own direction. It can certainly pick things up from the people who made it in the lab, or even from the person who cut it. But these energies are easily cleared away by placing the crystal on selenite before using it.

So, I set about discovering what it could do, and it has proven to be an incredible healing tool.

Placed point-side down, it is an excellent laser. I have used it on myself for getting rid of muscle congestion and breaking up buildups of energy in particular areas.

If used with the flat side facing downward, it becomes a magnifier or amplifier of Reiki energy. I discovered this by accident. I put it over my third eye and promptly gave myself quite a headache!

Using it in meditation has been beautiful. I have gone “inside” the crystal, and it’s like being in a sparkling palace or cathedral. I become surrounded by light, and all the facets of the crystal make the light shimmer and constantly change. There is a sort of ringing, like I’m inside a bell. I am overcome by a strong sense of the rightness of things, and I can see situations with wonderful clarity. I’m sure this trait will become invaluable when I start making “Soul Essence” music again.

I have also discovered that, when placed under the pillow, it can be very helpful in directing one toward discernment. I had several dreams regarding people’s healing needs while using the crystal in this way.

Finally, its diagnostic power is also evident during distance healing sessions. While working on a client last night, it kept drawing me to one particular area of the body (the right hip). Digging a little deeper by asking my guides what I needed to know about that spot, I was informed that the person had had that hip replaced. After the session, I called the person to see if they had any feedback for me. I asked if they had had their right hip replaced. If they were at all skeptical about Reiki before, my question knocked any uncertainty about its validity out completely. There is no way I could have known that beforehand because we never discussed it. It was strong confirmation for both of us.

About a week after the clear crystal arrived, a pink one showed up.


While clear cubic zirconia has a very sharp, strong energy, the pink version of the crystal is much softer, warmer, and not as easy to figure out. There is a greater sense of latent power in it, whereas the clear crystal keeps its power very much front and center.

I am keenly aware that the pink zirconia is the seed of some great metaphysical fruit. As of this writing, however, it hasn’t taken root or sprouted yet.

You can get cubic zirconia in any color, and I’m sure each one has its own story to tell. For a long time, I didn’t think much about these crystals. I wasn’t drawn to them. In hindsight, I think this is because of the ambiguity I wrote about earlier. If you just pick up one of these for a quick once-over, you might be tempted to dismiss it as something beautiful to look at without much use on a metaphysical level. I know I pretty much wrote it off as eye candy.

But on closer examination, they do show themselves to be very potent and interesting. I think that a lot of what a crystal of this kind can do depends on its user. It picks up on the abilities of its owner and works to enhance them.

For instance, I don’t think my clear zirconia would be much use for reading tarot cards, not because the crystal lacks the potential, but because it’s not something I do. On the other hand, if the crystal had gone to a skilled card reader instead of coming to me, I’m sure it would become something they could use, while I wouldn’t be able to use it for diagnosis in healings. It’s a very personal crystal.

So if you want to explore cubic zirconia, or you want to get deeper into your own potential as a healer or whatever, try them. I’m certainly glad I did.

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13 Comments on “Cubic Zirconia in Metaphysics”

  1. KG Says:

    Thanks! I’ve often wondered about the metaphysical properties of lab-created stones.

  2. Ramzey Says:

    Hi, just wanted to say I love what you do and thanks for telling about it. :)

  3. halfnotes Says:

    Thanks for your visit and your encouragement. Sometimes, it’s hard to keep the energy going to write here regularly–but I’m trying!

  4. Linsky Says:

    Perhaps these ‘man-made’ stones in their wisdom show us how to create them… they allow and enable man to create more tools for healing. Reading your notes has been part of an inspiring journey…making me realise too that just because something is new does not make it less effective… could the baby Jesus’s birth be less important than the grown ‘man’ himself… of course not as the importance was announced by a bright star… in the same way these new stones though they are new are made of the material that is around us have intrinsic value and we can’t know exactly how old the materials are… shaping those materials into a stone gives them form… a healing form. The stones themselves are assisting us to create them.
    On a separate note… sometimes people say to me that stones should not be taken from the earth… but I think they are still on the earth, their vibrations haven’t left us, they are still on this planet.

  5. elfin Says:

    I totally agree with the healing powers of cubic zirconia. Even wearing it as a jewellery with silver helps remove negativity from mental, physical, astral bodies. Here are some interesting research on the healing properties of cz:

  6. Thanks for sharing! I’ve wondered about cubic zirconia properties

  7. James Henry Says:

    Wow! I have a whole case of these, 13 ounces of mostly 10 mm heart cuts of many brilliant colors… Just couldn’t help myself! So I thought I would check to see what the metaphysical properties of cubic zirconium were. Since I believe in a powerful peace movement, I think I will put these under my pillow and let it happen!

  8. Chana Says:

    Where can I get a large one?

    • James Henry Says:

      Do a thorough Search on Ebay. Maybe look under Loose Gemstones, man made diamonds and Cubic Zirconium and keep searching from day to day. Large ones will appear along with other great stones…

  9. Lucea Says:

    Selenite it a healing stone of Taurus, If you want to attract Taureans then I too recommend you put the CZ on it or seal them together for a day or 2, But if you don’t want to Attract Taureans, Then I recommend you seal it with the Healing crystal of the Sign of your Choice.

  10. If that is the actual pink zirconia you are talking about I get that it very much relates to a very pure metaphysical healing. It is connecting to healing the body through love. That love itself transcends the limitations of the material and connects to the ethereal as light

  11. Sally-Anne Lambert Says:

    I have an idea about the stone relating to ancestral lands and the restoring of them (according to my primary experience, not confirmed). To understand the power of stones it helps very much to look at the literal energy of them, as to elements and radioactivity and the karma associated with making/ getting them. It cannot be used as a carte blanche for all manmade stones. But in this case I overcome my antipathy toward manmade stones. My oracles give strong readings for and against on various questions, so I’m still working it out. Some are made using calcium and some using yttrium. Not sure the yttrium would be unnatural radioactive isotopes or the naturally occurring kind. Yttrium itself is used in superconductors and lasers. I do have zircons which I’m fond of.

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