Back in the Saddle

It’s been a long time …

I’ve lost many things over the past few years, including my way, but I’ve also figured out that the only way to begin again is to take one step at a time. so …


I am beginning again today. The newest project for me is a novel, or rather, a series of them. I’ve just finished the whatevereth draft of the first book, and other than being exhausted and not wanting to look at another quotation mark, semicolon, or anything beginning with “Chapter …”, I’m pleased with the progress.


So what? Who cares? … Indeed! But over the next few months, be prepared for a wild ride–I never thought I could put so many words one behind the other and still like my story and my characters at “The End”.


Join me next time–which I promise won’t be five years from now!–and I’ll let you peek in on “Tomorrow’s Odyssey, Book 1: Daughters of North Point.”


Thank you so much for reading.

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3 Comments on “Back in the Saddle”

  1. OmbudsBen Says:

    Good for you, halfnote. I hope you are doing well, and the music you make permeates your soul.

    • halfnotes Says:

      The strange thing about now working full-time for a non-musical job is that, while I have much less time for music-making, the time I do have is much more precious to me. Now that I am not trying to survive solely on the merit (or lack thereof!) of my art, I am truly “playing” music (i.e., pursuing it as an outward expression of the things within me). One day I hope to have more time for the piano. In the interim, I love coming home after a day at a computer keyboard in a cubicle in an office building and still having the opportunity to teach students the joy of the instrument and what can be done with it.

      Thanks for reading . and commenting.

  2. Ms. Preeti Says:

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