Last Walk of the Night

We were warned about the cold.

I had been listening to Chopin just before midnight last night, still in my clothes because Ecko and Kiefer had to go out once more. Ecko, who will turn 6 at the end of this month, never passes up a chance to go outside. Kiefer, who is now 15, doesn’t always remember why he’s out there, and even if he does, he’d much rather come back indoors and find a warm spot to curl up and go to sleep in.

But it was the last walk of the night. I’d wrapped myself in a scarf, hat, gloves, even long johns–and who is this John whom we now immortalize in thermal underwear?

The night was clear, and where we walked, I could feel no wind, surrounded by the Pine Bush.

It was utterly still, no rush of cars hurrying from importance to urgency along the road, no birdsong or cricket rasp–those wouldn’t return again until morning in another season.

But the trees shifted uneasily. They leaned in, seeming to listen for their own indication that yes, spring would be coming soon. They rubbed their branches together conspiratorially, like old knights in ancient armor, each small movement making a dry, bitter creaking sound that chilled me even more than the night’s temperature.

I was glad to have the light on my walk this morning, and the chickadees. Somehow, even as the trees continued to make their small, sullen movements, the chill had gone out of me, and I walked among them with my two faithful dogs, reassured.

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4 Comments on “Last Walk of the Night”

  1. tobeme Says:

    There is much beauty to found in the crisp and quiet winter night which blankets us with a whisper that spring is nearing.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Beauty indeed–now if it would just hurry up and get a little warmer! But Ecko loves the cold.

  3. OmbudsBen Says:

    I miss the chickadees! Well, I guess I mean that I miss black-capped chickadees, the kind you have in the east. We have chestnut-backed chickadees out here, which are just as cute, but the song is not the same.

    How do you like being back on wordpress?

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Things have changed so it’s a bit of a challenge for me to post. But I can still do everything without assistance–well, usually! I’ve also found that life’s busyness is another obstacle. I’d rather practice at the keyboard with 88 black and white keys than the one with 101 plastic squares and rectangles. Oh, well. It’s good for me to write so I don’t forget things, and maybe what I write will give someone else pleasure or encouragement or even knowledge.

    Thanks for your visit.

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