Six Steps to Optimism: Day 4

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”—Colin Powell

Optimism is something that can’t be held in check. You can’t restrict it or put limitations on it. Sometimes, in the medical profession, you’ll hear people say that they are “cautiously optimistic”.

If you are cautiously optimistic, it means that you are still struggling between optimism and doubt. This is fine, but true optimism inspires faith and encourages enthusiasm.

If one person is optimistic and they interact with others who share the same dream or even just the same space in the world, the optimism of one can often spread to another.

One person’s belief and faith in the rightness of things, even when they’re seemingly incomprehensible or unfair, is contagious. Before long, if you hold on to the certainty that comes with optimism that, yes, you can and will reach your goal, then other people will join you in believing this.

When multiple people believe the same thing, their power to manifest results becomes magnified. It’s like building a house. One person can do it alone and many have, but it’s hard work. The end result may be a beautiful house, but it might take five years for that one person to complete the task. If, on the other hand, that same person talks to ten other people, and of those ten, three get caught up in the first man’s optimism and decide to help him build the house, the task might get finished in two years instead of five.

Now, let’s say those three people carry their optimism and enthusiasm and passion for house-building and each talk to twenty people. Assuming twelve more people get excited and join the project, now, instead of just one man working five years alone to achieve his dream of building a house, sixteen people work together, complementing one another, encouraging and strengthening each other, and the house is done in a year.

You can see how this works. It’s not always clear how each person who gets excited and optimistic about your dream will be able to help you on your journey. But every time you share that dream with another human being, you increase your chances of gaining assets that will help you, and you also increase the chances that, inspired by your example, another person will make the choice to be an optimist and begin their own journey toward fulfillment.

Yesterday, I asked you to treat each person you encountered as “source material”, someone whose wisdom had the potential to change your life.

Today, contemplate and act on this: At the end of the day, what do you have that you didn’t have at the beginning, and which person did you choose to interact with to produce that growth in assets?

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