I Have More Than More Than Enough

I’ve come to a conclusion. I set limits for myself. This is fine when it comes to wine and chocolate, but in the realm of the mind, what we think we can’t do or shouldn’t have become powerful antidotes to our success.

I have seen this over and over, but still, I don’t practice it one hundred percent of the time. Yesterday, in the morning, I thought to myself, “Oh, I’ve got so many notes still left to learn in this last movement of Beethoven. Maybe, if I’m lucky and push real hard, I’ll finish by Saturday or Sunday.”

But then, I sat down and started working, and with each page, I thought, “I can do this. Look how close I am! Look how much I just learned! What a great birthday present this will be to finish today!”

And it was. I learned all the notes, and even spent another hour or so playing the whole three-movement sonata and just savoring how it felt to do it.

If this can apply to music, why not to money? Why not to opportunity? Why not to every other aspect of our lives?

Why not indeed! The answer is simple: We’re in our own way.

I’ve spent a lifetime searching for a certain kind of piano teacher. Don’t misunderstand. I’ve learned tremendously valuable lessons and techniques from everyone I’ve studied with, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. They’ve shaped my playing and my mental approach to the art.

But I was looking for something very specific to my own needs, and I’ve finally found it. Well, let me rephrase that: I was presented with it on a bus ride in Minnesota in 2006. At that time, I wasn’t quite ready to receive it, so it wasn’t until almost another two years had passed that the true magnitude of what I’d been given became apparent.

Every day, if we are following our heart and on the path of our dream, what some my refer to as “God’s plan for life” or “destiny,” we will be presented with choices, chances. How we respond will determine what follows.

So, I have chosen to study with the teacher I have been searching for because that teacher has been given to me because I have chosen to pursue my dream of pianistic greatness. That’s not egotistical to say. I am a great pianist and I want to be better. Why limit myself by saying I don’t have the teacher I need, or, if I do, that I have all these obstacles (lack of money, lack of time) that prevent me from taking full advantage of what I’ve been given.

I’ve said to myself that it would be great to find a way to spend an extended amount of time studying piano. I think, “All I need is a way to pay the bills at home … ”

Too limiting! If that’s all I think I need, that’s all I’ll ever get, and I’ll be stuck scrambling, yet again, to just barely scrape by.

Words are powerful. In order to speak them aloud, or even to think them to yourself, you have to organize them and marshall them, order them and make them follow the direction and intention you have. So just by thinking “I have more than more than enough,” I’ve already made a significant commitment to that reality. By speaking it aloud, and choosing to believe it with all the force of my being, by actively using that proclamation to generate my outlook on everything as well as my mindset and inner dialogue, I shift the balance in my favor.

So, I declare it, first to myself, then to the universe:

“I have more than more than enough!”

“I Have More Than More Than Enough!”


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