Perseverance is kind of an old-fashioned word. It’s not something we hear about every day. In fact, in a world that seems to get faster and noisier by the day, it isn’t a trait many people would seem to have anymore.

Perseverance is persistence in the face of seemingly severe circumstances. It’s usually easier to recognize in other people.

The athletes who just spent four years training every day, hours a day, just so they could have a chance to run for less than a minute in pursuit of glory? They have perseverance.

The musician who spends a lifetime sitting alone, practicing the same scales on the same instrument, only changing the particular piece they are obsessing over because they have a concert in three months or a concerto appearance in a year or an international competition in two years? They have perseverance.

The woman who works two jobs so she can keep a roof over her family and put food on the table, who spends an hour or two writing every day because some day, she dreams of publishing a book? She has perseverance.

The person whose body is ravaged by an illness that is slowly robbing them of their dignity and independence who continues to look for ways to be a vital contributor in their community? That person has perseverance.

The man who returns from serving his country and faces misunderstanding, loneliness, depression, unemployment, and yet still sees America as a place of hope and optimism, where anyone can achieve their dreams? He has perseverance.

Perseverance refuses to give up even in the face of odds that the rest of the world perceives as insurmountable.

Perseverance takes doubt, compresses it with fierce determination, and brings forth diamonds of truth.

So ask yourself: Do you have perseverance? Chances are, when you look closely, you will find it within yourself. And even if you don’t, someone else looking in on your life probably does, and to them, you are a beacon of hope.

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2 Comments on “Perseverance”

  1. KETCH ROSSI Says:

    I Love this read, and I if you allow me to say so of myself, I do have Perseverance, and to me it is what life should be all about, Persevering your dreams, your goals, a better life.

    You can visit my page for more on my PERSEVERANCE



  2. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks, and I’ll definitely visit.

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