Beginning Again

I leave for a recital tour in Krakow, Poland on Sunday. Right now, life is full of preparations (sending out bills so my husband doesn’t have to worry about them, practicing the piano, scheduling students’ lessons for after my return) and some questions, like how to pack what I need so everything fits in a 50-pound, 62-inch parcel (after all, Braille books are heavy!).

But overall, I’m looking forward to the adventure. Any country that calls their capital city’s airport “Chopin International” has to be great, right?

If I can, I’ll post from Krakow, or at least E-mail my husband and ask him to post for me. We’ll see …

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3 Comments on “Beginning Again”

  1. Sudarishi Says:

    Let us begin anew. . .
    by joining the World Movement. . .

    Let us Spread the Light!!!

  2. halfnotes Says:


    It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. I played well, but more importantly, the students got really excited about what they could achieve using Braille music and started asking their teachers to teach it to them. We were able to get their Braille music library off to a great start because a conservatory in California was dispersing a large collection of Braille scores. They’re all in Poland now, and perhaps some day I’ll return again. I made wonderful friends, ate way more than I should have, and expanded my musical and cultural horizons.

    Sorry for the long delay; I haven’t been writing here much. Hope to get back into it again now that the site is a bit more usable for me. Thanks for visiting!

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