After a Long Silence

I’ve spent a “long” time away from writing here, but the break was worth it.

Spring is about renewal, and that’s what I’ve been doing: finishing long-term projects, starting new ones, and growing.

I started this blog partly as in intellectual exercise: could I keep one and maintain it? Yes and yes. Would people read it and benefit from it (although that was a secondary goal)? Yes and yes again.

After my last post about difficulties with the WordPress site as a blind user, I even got suggestions from a reader in Japan who took the trouble to translate what I wrote, then make suggestions about how to solve the problem.

I doubt I will write here daily. But it seems that, if one person was taking that much trouble to figure out what I was saying, the least I can do is continue occasional posts for anyone who wants to read them.

So, after a long silence, I am writing again.

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2 Comments on “After a Long Silence”

  1. ombudsben Says:

    How go your recitals?

  2. Ombudsben,

    I am leaving for a recital series in Poland in less than a week; very excited and a bit nervous as to how I’m going to fit everything I need into a 62-inch, 50-pound suitcase! But …

    If this reply works, it may mean that I am able to use this blog again independently, in which case, I will send postings from Krakow!

    Thanks for checking in!

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