Into the Woods: Purple Heart, Yellow Heart, Birch

Frank, the wand maker, calls this wand “Triple Treat”.


I had no intention of getting another wand; it seems I’ve already got quite a collection. But when he said that it hadn’t found a home yet, I heard the words, but didn’t listen right away.

My guides, however, made sure I got the message later that day after I’d gone home. So I called Frank and asked about the wand.

I never thought I’d go for the real “exotic” woods, but apparently, the “heart” in purple heart and yellow heart is important for me right about now.

Interestingly, I’d ordered a few more cubic zirconia crystals way back in January. I’d almost given up on them arriving, but they finally appeared in last week’s mail. One is purple, another one yellow.

So what am I going to do with this “Triple Treat” wand and these pretty crystals? I have no idea! I just know that, somehow, they’re going to be used in combination.

I’ve only brought the wand home today, so I haven’t had a chance for it to reveal itself to me yet. But I’m looking forward to the discoveries.

I never realized just how many wands I had until I started this series of posts. I knew that I had to give each wand its chance, and I’ve learned a lot about them as I’ve gone from one to another, day by day being surprised by new ideas or recalling important lessons I’d learned in the past.

While I’ve enjoyed writing them, I also must admit that I’m looking forward to moving on to different subjects, and leaving the woods behind for awhile. Well, not really; I’m sure I’ll have one more post soon about what I’ve learned about purple heart, yellow heart and birch. But until then, as the trees give way to open sunlight, I walk a little faster, straighten my shoulders a bit, take a deep breath of the new wind blowing in, and wonder, “What will I discover today?”

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