Into the Woods: Japanese True Ebony

I’ve had this wand, already shaped, for months, and it’s still waiting for me to sand and polish it. Right now, it has a dormant feeling to it, as if the polishing reveals it’s true heart.

I already have an ebony wand, but this was wood that captured my attention, and I think, like the jin dai maple, that it will embody something truly magical when I finally get around to sanding it.

It’s not that I’m putting it off. I could have done it any time this winter. But I think I’d like nothing better than to sit outside on some spring or summer afternoon, soaking up the sunshine and sanding this wand.

Like everything else, I’m sure I’ll know exactly the right time to do it, just like I’ve known that it hasn’t been any time yet.

It’s heavy, dense wood, and I have a feeling that it will polish up to a formidable shine. I think, too, that it will be just as potent as the jin dai maple, but in its own unique way.

When I’ve sanded and polished it, I’ll come back to it and write about what was uncovered.

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2 Comments on “Into the Woods: Japanese True Ebony”

  1. tobeme Says:

    As you said, you will do this when it is the time to do it, which only you will know.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Yes. It may lie dormant for a long time, but I’m sure I’ll know. I’m looking forward to doing it. Polishing wood is a pretty neat way to put one’s mind in a very quiet, meditative state. I think that, for me, as a very active person (in the mind, I mean), finding something for my hands to do that doesn’t engage my intellect (like playing piano or reading Braille) is helpful for this.

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