Into the Woods: Japanese Boxwood

My next wand arrived from Japan. The woman who had sent the jin dai maple included it in a package she sent us and said it was for me.

It’s the smallest wand I have, and like the maple, it is associated with dreams. The night before the package arrived, I dreamed about a little wand with an interesting spiral in it. I really was fascinated by it in the dream, so you can imagine my surprise and delight when Ted handed me the little boxwood wand and I immediately recognized it as the one I’d held in my dream.


I love the size of it. I’d tried, only half successfully, to carry my first lilac wand in my pocket, but it had a habit of stabbing me at inopportune times and in rather uncomfortable places, so I gave up. I tried with the walnut, but it was too long, so I let it take up residence with my other wands on my nightstand.

But the boxwood was just right. It’s smooth to the point of being satiny, and I love running my fingers over the little carved spiral at its center.

It’s a “quiet” wand, in that it’s primary use so far for me has been redirecting my mind in a more peaceful, productive direction. I find it comforting to carry it with me if I’m going to be really busy teaching or doing other things, and I can slip my hand into my pocket and touch it for a second or two to keep myself from getting caught up in whatever is flying around.

I had been thinking of doing it after the jin dai maple became a phoenix feather, but after the boxwood arrived, I was certain I would send a “Soul Essence” song back to Japan. It seemed like a natural way of expressing my deep gratitude. To the best of my knowledge, it was well-received.

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3 Comments on “Into the Woods: Japanese Boxwood”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Very interesting, love how dream manifested into reality.

  2. ashodara Says:

    I find your blog very intriquing, would like to know more about you. I also have precognative dreams sometimes.

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