Into the Woods: Rowan

The second wand I polished myself was made from more wood from Japan. At first, we thought it was Japanese wild pear, but it turned out to be rowan instead.


It was perhaps as different than the blue ebony I’d just done as I could have gotten. It’s soft, light wood, and in its polished form, it’s almost white. The wand itself is also much thicker and longer than the blue ebony.

I enjoyed polishing it, too. I love seeing just how smooth I can make the wood, although part of this is paying attention to how smooth the wood itself wants to become.

But while I enjoyed the sanding and the polishing, I have always felt that this wand is not mine. I still feel this, although now, I think I know who it’s destined for.

That knowing is nice, too. I don’t like keeping things I’m not going to use, and while I’ve played with the wand occasionally, it hasn’t been in the regular rotation of the ones I return to often.

In order to let the recipient have first experience of it before I say what I think the wand is like on a metaphysical level, I’m going to leave this post on a bit of an ambiguous note. Maybe I’ll write more about it after the wand has reached its rightful owner.

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