Into the Woods: Walnut

On my birthday last year, Ted made a meditation stick out of walnut. It was a little longer than my first, small lilac wand, and I was fascinated by the elements of silver that seem to dance in the wood, changing and shifting with the light or as you turn the wand in your hand.


Because it’s not as long as many of the other wands, it lends itself very well to being held almost complete in the hand during meditation. It has a lot of strength and power in it, and I don’t think I’ve completely seen what it can do yet, but it’s beginning now to open itself up, or, rather, I’m becoming more open myself.

It’s a lot like a compass in that it is good for assuring me that I am following the right path. This is especially true with regards to music and healing. I take great joy in teaching music and empowering people with it, and my approach to reiki and healing work is similar. I may be the person the suggests the direction someone is supposed to take, but it is up to them to take the steps toward healing.

Many of these wands take turns being used, and some are a bit more enigmatic than others. Just as the light shifts and changes on the walnut’s silvery highlights, the energy of the wand itself is elusive and doesn’t stay in one place for long. It’s very much like mercury; just when you think you’ve caught it, it slips away.

I could spend a lot of energy and time chasing it, and I’d probably knock myself out with frustration. I’d prefer to let it come to me, like a rare, beautiful bird that, if I sit very quietly, will alight on my hand so I can see it.

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2 Comments on “Into the Woods: Walnut”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Very beautiful post about your walnut wand. I agree, the chase is futile, better to sit, be quiet and allow it to come to you.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    It took me a long time to learn to just sit quietly, and sometimes, I have to relearn that lesson. But I have always found that I get more out of things when I allow them to come to me, without any particular expectations of how they will unfold.

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