Into the Woods: Lilac Version 2.0 (Bigger, Better and Just Plain More Fun)

My first wand (wooden, anyway) was a little lilac one, and it literally tickled my funny bone. Not the bone, really, but it touched some spot deep inside me and I just started laughing. I couldn’t tell you what was so funny, and frankly, I didn’t care. I didn’t need to know, either, I just had to enjoy the ride.

I’m not sure, even after several months, whether Frank, the wand maker, did it as a big joke or something else, but sometime last summer, when Ted and I went to his house for a visit, he handed me a wand with the simple statement, “And this is for you … ”

He never said what it was, but the feeling shifted in the room, as if everyone around the table had just exchanged a very meaningful glance and they were all waiting expectantly to see what I’d do.

I started laughing! Everyone else started laughing. When we’d all managed to come up for air (somewhat), I think Frank said “It’s lilac”.


Everything got a little fuzzy, so I can’t state with complete accuracy who said what and what exactly whoever said it actually said, although I think I can tease out the general drift of the conversation, or whatever fragment I still think I remember, anyway.

If ever a wand was silky, this lilac is. The handle has a curve in it, too, like the wand is so full of delight that it can’t even keep itself straight. There’s a beautiful word in yoga, “Ananda” for the bliss or joy of the universe, and whenever I pick up this wand, I get flooded with ananda.

It doesn’t always send me into gales of laughter; I think that’s kind of like a lot of bubbles that burst out of a champagne bottle when it opens. Once the initial fizz is out and the pressure is relieved, the champagne just sparkles, and that’s what I do with this wand.

It’s a great feeling, especially because it kind of sneaks up on me. Sometimes, I’ll play with the wand, put it aside, and an hour or so later, I’ll just get this outpouring of joyfulness. It usually manifests itself in humor and laughter, and I almost always try to blame something I ate or drank recently, but really, we all know the cause.

The wand itself, of course, doesn’t drop delight into me like a pill. But as a tool that taps into that place in my soul where the joy is, it’s a wonderful addition to my collection.

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4 Comments on “Into the Woods: Lilac Version 2.0 (Bigger, Better and Just Plain More Fun)”

  1. ombudsben Says:

    Your description of the wands and their effects are very evocative. I like how you sense them and relay that sense.

    I dropped you a note recently with a link to another site — did you get that?

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks for the comment; I knew for awhile that I was going to eventually do a whole series on these different woods. While it isn’t a subject with broad reader appeal, it’s one of those things you do because it’s yours to do it.

    As for the site, I haven’t seen the note you sent, but it’s probably because I haven’t had much time to do anything besides put up posts this past week. Lots of preparations for upcoming piano competitions for students and recitals for me, taxes, and, as of this morning, shoveling another huge amount of snow! (Note to God: thanks so much, it’s beautiful, and You are showering us with unbelievable abundance, but … I think we’ve had enough for now, so please save some of it for next winter.)

    I’ll look for the note; thanks for sending it.

  3. ombudsben Says:

    I sent an email to the songofjoy email address, hope that’s right. Probably in the last week or so.

    It linked to this post on a site called Marianne’s Virtual Salon:
    with a not from me saying something to the effect that I wasn’t sure if it might be your cup of tea or not.

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks for the link. I can’t access my SongofJoy E-mail; some crazy problem that I can’t figure out how to fix. I’m hoping to get high-speed Internet in the next few months, in which case I’ll have to change that E-mail anyway.

    In future, if you want to contact me, my “real” address (i.e. the one I check daily and do all my corresponding from) is

    Thanks for the link, though; I did check it out.

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