Into the Woods: Apple

Whatever cultural or religious background you’re coming from, the apple tree is fraught with meanings, and not all of them warm and fuzzy. Tree of life, or the bad fruit … whatever stories you subscribe to, there’s more layers of legend around this particular tree than moss on the north side of the most venerable specimen in a forest from the dawn of time.

That’s not even getting into the tree’s metaphysical traits. Lots of people hold that fruit trees are all feminine mystique (what with all those delicious ripened ovaries that fruits are), gentle, loving and benevolent.

Well, I’m here to tell you that there’s a tough side to them. Apple might be likened to rose quartz in that it’s all about love, but I think you’ve got to take that analogy a bit further. Not everyone is ready for rose quartz, and so, not everyone will be receptive to the lessons apple can teach.

I know I wasn’t and maybe I’m still not. I got an apple wand months ago, when summer was in high bloom and I was just starting out on this journey of discovery. I tried meditating with it once or twice, but set it aside. It made me feel to fidgety.


Maybe that was because the tree the wand was carved from had been growing in a grove full of Herkimer diamonds, quartz crystals notorious for their high, clear vibration rate. Some people sleep with them under their pillows; I always look at them as if they’re crazy! They make me too zingy at night; who needs coffee or Red Bull with one of those babies nestled in the sheets?

Anyway, I set the wand aside. It’s a very delicate thing, very light in the hand, but there’s nothing petite about it. It means to teach, and I knew I’d better be ready if I wanted to learn.

The past few weeks have been an emotional roller-coaster for me. There have been high points when I’ve felt totally connected and in tune with the universe’s goals for me; but there have also been deep valleys of sorrow as I watch friends struggle with health and careers.

Through all of it, I have tried mightily to keep myself from getting bogged down, as well as striving to keep all my emotional baggage to myself. After all, who needs something off my load when they’ve got plenty of their own?

Sunday, I started a seven-day self-healing program, and whatever my guides prompt me to use, I’m using. So, I’ve worn ruby and kyanite, slept with selenite, taking baking soda baths, gone outside and let the sun pour through me. And last night, I tried again with the apple wand, putting it under my pillow before going to sleep.

I still had a fairly high-energy night; it wasn’t the same deep, restful sleep I’d had using selenite. But I also got some very clear and forceful messages.

The main one was something like: “If you want to achieve what you’re dreaming of, go do it because you can.”

This particular message has to do with my concert pianist endeavors. I love traveling, and while I enjoy audience feedback, my main goal as a performer stems from my view that I am, at heart, a teacher. I want to take listeners into places they wouldn’t go on their own and demystify some things. For instance, Bach isn’t boring, twentieth-century music isn’t all noise, Chopin isn’t all fast notes and show, and Schubert didn’t just right songs. At least, those are the lessons I’m bringing people with the recital program I’m preparing right now.

On another level, I also want to show people that, whatever they think they know about blindness, it’s not as bad or scary or depressing as they imagine. A blind person can have a fulfilling life as an integral part of their community.

Finally, I want to demonstrate that we all, as human beings, have gifts that we can use to bring light and love to people in this world. Each of us is a storehouse of creativity, whether or not we are in the arts as a profession or an avocation. Gardening, building, scientific pursuits, cooking, manufacturing … each of us has a talent that allows us to express creativity. If we find it and don’t get caught up comparing our gift to everyone else’s and feeling inferior because we’re not all alike, then the world we live in can be a much brighter place.

I don’t think I’m done learning from this apple wand. But I do know that I got up this morning thinking that if I don’t ask about what opportunities there are for me to use my gifts, then I can’t really feel bad if they’re not getting used. There are plenty of places where I could give recitals, even right here within my own community. But if I don’t let these places know I’m here, then these opportunities will never materialize.

I struggle with the balance between thinking that I don’t want to be too pompous about promoting myself and being persistent. But I think that, for the most part, if I’m not telling people what I can do, no one else is going to do it for me. And if the opportunity comes along to point them toward someone else I know who has exactly what they need, then by my making the connection between giver and receiver, I’m not stepping on everyone else in my climb to the top.

Today and tomorrow are full for me with lessons, meetings, and rehearsals. But Friday is wide open. I can contact three people about what I have that they might want. It’s a challenge, but this winter has been all about growing and stretching, as well as looking within. Friday, here I come!

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