“Stressed” is “Desserts” Spelled Backwards

I saw this title yesterday while I was browsing an on-line list of books and, while I don’t plan to read the book it came from, I do think it’s pretty cool.

I’ve always loved playing with words, and I’ve always loved dessert. “Having my cake and eating it, too?” Oh, definitely! Cheesecake, strawberry shortcake, chocolate cake with buttercream frosting, angel food cake … I could go on and on, and this isn’t even getting into my Grandma’s apple cake (which can just as easily be made with peaches or plums).

“The cream of the crop?” Hmmmm, lots of flavors to choose from here, although I think mint chocolate chip (ice cream, that is) is an easy favorite. It’s refreshing in the summer, and even in the bitterest cold of winter, I can find excuses to eat it. We used to make homemade ice cream from our goats’ milk, and while all that crushed ice and rock salt is a nuissance, the end result always more than made up for it.

“Pie in the sky?” Well, I’m not a huge pie fan, but my mother’s lemon meringue is one of my all-time top requests. Pumpkin pie is always great, even for breakfast. I also have a recipe for a coconut custard pie that you just put everything together for and don’t have to fuss with crusts and stuff; you put it in the oven looking like this gloppy mess and it comes out as a beautiful pie.

I can think of many, many cookies that are delights for me, and the usual suspects (chocolate chip, macaroon) all come up. But I think that fortune cookies are underappreciated. I had read about a company, Lucky Touch Fortune Cookies, that made these with Braille messages inside, and on my recent trip to California, I had a chance to try them. The first fortune in my life I was able to read by myself was: “Life is a gem.” I brought home samples for friends, including some chocolate-dipped ones I’m giving as a gift. Since they don’t include print on the messages, for once, I’ll be the one hearing, “Could you read this for me?”

You’d think, reading this, that I do nothing but eat sweets. Well, we’re still working on those Hershey Kisses from Valentine’s Day, so it can’t be that bad! I’ve gotten better; I used to eat chocolate at an almost unconceivable rate. But I once purposely ate so much that I felt sick, and that pretty much helped me rein things in.

Don’t get me wrong: I still love the stuff and will gladly eat it in large quantities, but it’s not a daily necessity anymore.

Usually, when I do eat large doses, it’s because I’m stressed over something (surprise, surprise). Even if I don’t name what’s causing it, being aware of it has also encouraged me to pay more attention to my dessert-eating habits. Of course, with over eleven pounds of Kisses around, I’ve been eating more because they’re available. But once they’re gone, I won’t be rushing out to get more (my husband might, though!).

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2 Comments on ““Stressed” is “Desserts” Spelled Backwards”

  1. ombudsben Says:

    I think everyone who reads this post and suffers from the power of suggestion and goes out and puts on ten pounds should be able to blame you! :)

    Last summer I helped my mother-in-law with some tasks, and afterward I took her out to a restaurant that prides itself on pies. We decided to get some of their tasters slices with our coffee.

    I thought we were going to share, and we ordered 4 or 5 slim slices. Ha! Wrong. I got stuff like berry and apple slices and she got chocolate silk and cream pies and double chocolate and she wasn’t sharing, and she wanted none of my fruit taster slices either. Her chocolate creamy decadent pies looked pretty good, but I have to say a really good berry pie is a joy, sweet and flavorful.

    If this prompts you to go out and eat a bunch of pie, all I can say to you is that turnabout is fair play.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Oh, yes, and I’ve noticed “the creep” on my own body: you know, the places you suddenly have “extra” that didn’t have any “extra” on them before? As for blaming me for the ten pounds, I think that’s like suing McDonald’s when you spill coffee on yourself because the coffee’s hot! You decide for yourself whether your going to do things. But tell you what: you’ve got company!

    If there’s one good thing about shoveling a whole lot of snow, it’s that it burns calories! But I still stand by my earlier request: keep it for next year!

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