Life for sale!

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I’m a consumer, just like everyone else on the planet. I want to eat well, smell good, look pretty, live happily ever after.

Well, that’s what all the marketers think, anyway. To them, I’m just a number: I’m the “female 18-34”, only slightly less valuable to them than the “male 18-34”.

According to them, I should be reading books to make my marriage sizzle. (Do they mean in the bedroom, or on the rare nights I decide to give my husband a break and cook dinner?)

My dogs will live longer, better, happier, healthier lives if they eat “Zen Puppy” biscuits. (Sorry, marketers; they prefer the box of Dunkin Donuts we accidentally left on our coffee table; they were super-Zenned over the chocolate and powdered sugar, not to mention the strawberry jelly.)

I should be buying programs like “Play Piano in 24 Hours!” (Shit, now they tell me I wasted four years and thousands of dollars on college when I could’ve had everything including the Carnegie Hall gig for $19.95 plus shipping and handling?)

They want me to consider “no-kill chicken” and “free-range lettuce”, or better yet, “angst- and cholesterol-free soy milk”. (Growing up, milk came from goats. I wanna know: How do you milk a soybean, and how many teats does she or he or it have?)

There’s way too much stuff for sale, and everyone is clamoring either to make me buy it, help me pay for it with “easy” credit, encouraging me to organize it with “Clutter-Busting Tips!”.

Here’s a thought: I have a roof over my head. I’m not hungry. I have clothes to wear, I’m healthy (OK, I could probably do more exercise, but ..). I have a job I love, a husband I love even more (most of the time, and especially when I’m traveling on business!). I have an old dog that adores me and a young one who is growing into a tremendous guide and friend.

What more do I need? Not much, and nothing I’m going to take out of a shrink-wrapped box and put on a shelf when I’m finished using it.

The best things in life, like love, peace of mind, and friendship, are free. No credit required; no standing in line; no “sorry, currently out of stock”. They’re there for us to take if we just put out our hands and open our hearts.

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2 Comments on “Life for sale!”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Beautiful article! You said it all. It is not the material things that we need in life. Marketing is the big lie! The want of things is the false search for happiness. You are very blessed to know what you know!

  2. halfnotes Says:


    I think deep down we all know this. But we often get distracted and lose that kernel of truth, especially now with the onslaught of advertising saying, “You need this, get that, buy more, bigger, better, on sale for a limited time, special offer, exclusive for our members … ”

    We all want to belong and have meaning in our lives. Buying the latest and greatest gadgets and toys won’t give us that. It’ll just push us further from the reality of who we are so it’s harder to find. (Oops, can you tell I’m a little passionate about this topic?! Didn’t mean to rant!)

    Thanks for the compliments. I enjoy your wisdom, too!

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