Every Day a New Beginning

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We are never perfect. We say too much or not enough. We act too quicly without thinking or put things off until it’s too late to act. We work too hard and leave no time for playing with family or enjoying friends, or we don’t work hard enough and we are left scrambling to provide for those we love. We don’t rest when we should or keep vigils when we can. And many times, at the end of the day, we are left feeling like we’ve messed up beyond measure.

But days are funny. They keep coming, appearing on the horizon when we least expect them, and stringing themselves out into a lifetime, whether it’s a few months or several decades. We wake up and are faced with similar choices as we had yesterday, just dressed up in different costumes.

Sometimes, we cut ourselves too deeply to heal, or we inflict wounds on others that are beyond repair. But we are never alone, and sooner or later, we will have someone else asking us the same questions, telling us the same stories, listening to our same speeches.

Perhaps, then, even with things still too sore for forgetfulness, we will remember to choose differently this time around. We should never regret the past, since we can’t do anything to change it once it’s been lived through. But can celebrate the fact that we always have another chance to choose, another day to decide.

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2 Comments on “Every Day a New Beginning”

  1. glenn Says:

    The past is for confessing, celebrating, learning, but not, haunting or rehashing.

    More great wisdom. Keep it coming!

  2. halfnotes Says:


    One thing I saw very clearly on my trip this past week: so many people are hurting, and many because they can’t untangle their feelings about past, present and future. We will never know the “why” of things fully, and if we get stuck worrying about this, we easily lose perspective. Rather than sorting out the why, I want to try to focus on the way through, the ways I will grow because of what I’ve lived. It isn’t always pleasant. In fact, sometimes, it’s downright agonizing and feels like our hearts will break and never recover. But we can and do come through, and often stronger than before.

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