Rise and Shine!

Yesterday was busy, and by the end of it, I was tired and a little sore.

My dogs, Kiefer and Ecko, are great about being bathed, but with Kiefer being old and Ecko being big and both of them needing to be lifted over the edge of the tub, then the on-my-knees job of the bath itself, which, in Ecko’s case also includes kind of holding him in the tub, my body was kind of complaining. (But the dogs look and smell great, and they’re so silky now!)

That was in addition to vacuuming (no use bathing and brushing and combing if they’re going back on dirty, hairy beds), packing, doing laundry, making last-minute phone calls to make sure no students show up looking for lessons (I don’t think they want Ted teaching them … sword, maybe, but not piano!) In short, I was just plain tired.

But I’d agreed to a nine o’clock distance reiki healing session. But feeling like I did a little before eight, I was in no shape to be healing anyone.

So, I thought I’d lie down and see if I could take care of the ache in my lower back from lifting an eighty-pound dog. But I was so tired, I kind of worried that I’d sleep right through the session.

But what are guides for if not to help us? So I said to them, “I’ve got to get some rest, but I don’t want to sleep too long, and I wouldn’t mind waking up less sore than I am right now. Can you guys help?”

I started out lying faceup, but then one of them said I should put selenite on my lower back, so I rolled over and put the big piece I had at the base of my spine. Then, I lay there worrying about waking up on time, until one of them said, “How can you rest if you just keep worrying? You asked us to do something; now let us do it!”

I don’t remember falling asleep, but when Ecko started barking fiercely and the doorbell rang, I most definitely woke up. I got out of bed fast, but Ted was faster. Who was it at whatever hour it was, and oh, God, had I slept through the session?

In the almost two years we’ve lived in this house, no one has ever rung our doorbell late at night looking for directions to a gas station, but that’s what the young man on our doorstep was asking Ted for now. Ted gave them, shut the door, and came back upstairs. As we heard the car zoom away, he asked me, “What do you think that was about?”

I had looked at my watch; it was ten of nine. I started smiling.

“I don’t know,” I said, “but I have a reiki session at nine and I asked my guides to make sure I woke up on time.”

One of them, my guide from Level 1, has quite a sense of humor, so I’m pretty sure it was her idea. Ted had also been thinking he had nothing to write about in his blog, so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the two sets of them got together and planned the whole thing.

“Hey, Ted wants something cool to write about.”

“Yes, and I’ve got to wake Steph up by nine.”

“I know, let’s really give them a head-scratcher and send someone to their house looking for a gas station!”

“That’s too obvious.”

“Well, you know I’ve got to practically drop bricks on Steph’s head to wake her up, so …”

And, on top of all that, my back wasn’t sore anymore. (Hmmmm, another use for selenite … )

Thanks, guides.

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6 Comments on “Rise and Shine!”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Very wonderful how everything works! Did your session go well?

  2. YUMI Says:

    Was that for me that you had to wake up at 9??? Maybe I’ll get your phone number next time.

    Your experience is very interesting. I don’t have that sort of communication with my guides. Wish they do.

    Anyway, getting lost at your area could be really dangerous! He was lucky to find your house as well.

  3. halfnotes Says:


    Yes, it was definitely interesting, and funny, too.

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Yeah, that was yours! Pretty funny that you were watching the Oscars. I think that, even though you weren’t really paying attention, since you asked me to do it, you still got the reiki energy, you just weren’t aware of it.

    As for communication with your guides: they’ll find the way that they can work with you best. But in my experience, which of course shouldn’t be taken as typical since I’m not the be-all and end-all of anything, the more I’ve asked them to communicate, the more I’ve gotten. They’re all different, too. My guide from Level 1 is hysterical, with a very dry British sense of humor. She also knows that if she has to get my attention, she sometimes has to be really forceful (barking dogs, ringing doorbells, etc.!). The Level 2 guide is much quieter and doesn’t take any physical form. He’s much better for reminding me when subtlety is needed. As for Level 3, well, that’s the guide who does the most healing work on me when I’m so messed up that I’ve gotten myself in trouble and haven’t paid attention to the other two. He’s the most gentle but thorough of them and is also the most expressive, especially of delight if I’ve learned something or done something well.

    You’ll get to know yours over time. Just have fun with them.

  5. Great blog, good job getting it all together :)

  6. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks for visiting and commenting. I’m glad when people find something enjoyable or useful here. I think I started mainly to remind myself of what I’m learning, but if it helps someone else, that’s always a delight.

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