There Is No Magic Bullet, But …

Too often, we are looking for an easy out, a quick fix, a free ride, or a happily-ever-after. We want the goodies, but we don’t want the daily grind. We want the glory without the guts. We want to find some way to shift responsibility off our shoulders. We don’t want to be accountable.

So we choose, and yes, we always have the choice. We look for potions to make us thin without exercise, pills to make us feel happy all the time. We pay huge amounts of money for food that doesn’t fill us up, entertainment that only numbs us instead of bringing joy, and big houses that we don’t feel at home in.

So what’s the other choice, if all these things don’t work?

We can get down to the real business of life, digging in until we find the seed of truth buried within us, the one we try to cover up with fancy clothes, fat bank accounts, fast cars, drugs both legal and not, gambling, eating, drinking, smoking, sex, and just plain sitting around with a blank look wondering why life is passing us by.

I’ll be the first to tell you that digging hurts, and the truth often isn’t pretty. We carry anger, sorrow, hatred, jealousy, distrust, and all kinds of other things around with us, and there’s no magic anything that will get rid of them.

Even God can’t get rid of them; He can only stand beside us while we do the dirty work ourselves. Even if we ask “Why,” we won’t always get an answer.

Better than “Why” is “How”. How do I acknowledge that I’ve got a load of sorrow and anger that will keep coming up over the course of a lifetime and yet rise above it so it’s not dragging me down and making me repeat my mistakes? How do I take off the rose-colored glasses and replace them with a mirror, so I integrate all of who I am into my daily dealings with other people, not just the “pretty” parts that make us all feel good?

Honestly, I don’t have the answers to these questions, either. But rather than clamoring for an escape route, I’m choosing to do some emotional excavation.

I’m not foolish enough to think that, if I deal with it today I’ll never have to deal with it again. Life is full of cycles and circles, and we have many layers within us. Some days, I’m sure I’ll laugh when I should really be crying, eat when I really should be telling someone the truth, or run when I’d be better off standing and facing myself.

But today, I choose: truth above comfort, honesty instead of bravado, an open, human heart where I once only cared to show independence.

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6 Comments on “There Is No Magic Bullet, But …”

  1. Glenn Says:

    Great choices! As you said, these choices are a daily choice. I think that all of the talk about quick fixes ultimately leads to discouragement and honest words are healing and encouragement.

  2. songdeva Says:

    You’ve been exploring some profound topics in the last couple of days that affect so many of us. Good on you! What has inspired this? Have these ideas just popped up to be considered, or was there a catalyst? Your words on addiction really nailed it I think.

  3. halfnotes Says:


    After reading your blog and thinking about these ideas I’ve been working over, I’m also struck by the fact that a lot of people try to pass off their hard work in the belief that God will do everything for them. I think this view of God is misguided. He is certainly the creator of everything, but we’re the ones making choices to do or not do things, so we have to also be the ones to take responsibility for these choices. Thanks for the continuing visits and comments.

  4. halfnotes Says:


    I see a lot of people, myself included, trying to fill empty places in themselves or cover over nasty truths with “stuff” that doesn’t do anything except create clutter and mask the real issues that cause this emptiness or whatever it is we’re trying to ignore. Not everyone has the same addictions, but everyone’s addictions come from the same roots. Self-discovery, reflection, and improvement are hard and often unpleasant work. But I know that I always savor looking back over a particularly tough bit of life in retrospect and saying, “Here’s what I learned from that”. Thanks for your visits.

  5. songdeva Says:

    I’m looking at the same issues lately, and have a related post coming up, dealing with filling empty scary spaces and even clutter. :) In general I too am looking at the hard to look at stuff these days, and am sharing it via blogland. So it interests me that you’re discussing similar issues! Keep up the good work.

  6. halfnotes Says:


    Winter seems to be a good time to do this; it’s not as nice outside, there’s less light, and I think we all turn inward. Finding the place where we’re not empty but we’re not cluttered either is a lifelong thing. So even if we’re blogging about completely different stuff this time next year, I’m sure these will still be things we’re working on. Good luck with your inner housecleaning!

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