Worlds in Motion

We are never in one place for long, and even when it feels as if we are standing still, we are in motion, as the entire universe is in motion around and within us.

I took more steps toward actually practicing reiki; yesterday, I got a cell phone which I will use for clients wishing to make appointments, and today, as if to confirm that my steps were headed in the right direction, I got my first paying client.

The feeling I get when I’m doing healing work, whether it’s with reiki or music-making, is completely different than how I experience teaching piano or playing recitals or giving lessons in Braille music. It resonates with a unique place within my heart that only gets awakened doing those healing types of work.

Part of me is a little afraid. There’s a lot of uncertainty right now … I don’t know how things will end up, or how the balance will be aligned between music and healing. For so long, I’ve done only music as my livelihood, so it feels strange to be going somewhere else. I’m sure anyone who has spent a lifetime in one job feels like this when faced with the prospect of retiring or changing.

But I also know that, if we live by faith, then our lives will sort themselves out.

This doesn’t mean I’m burying my head in the sand; I’m still going to teach piano, play recitals. It’s just my world is expanding, and I’m being encouraged to grow with it.

It’s the same sort of thing I did a few years ago when I let go of my goats so I could follow my musical path more completely. I still miss the goats (not daily, but I do), and I may return to them someday. But for now, other things have filled the place where the goats used to be, and I am no less happy now than I was then.

Every experience is invaluable, and the sum of all our lives is what makes us who we are. So today, I look forward to the new doors opening in healing, especially since I’m sure that, somehow, music will play a part in it, even if it’s not at the forefront.

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6 Comments on “Worlds in Motion”

  1. songdeva Says:

    Good for you! I’m excited for you, and wishing I was getting a reiki treatment right now. Or a massage. LOL Clearly I need to schedule some bodywork! Best of luck, and walk forward in love…your career will work itself out as you honor what you know is true.

  2. ombudsben Says:

    You go get ’em, Stefanie. with all the energy you bring to your life, I’m sure you’ll do well.

    I’ve been the reluctant jobhopper in my life, and although having my moved out of state three times and my group laid off a couple others was no fun, I took something from each experience and am the better for having worked in so many different environments.

    p.s. You’ve added a blogroll! Thanks for including me. (smile)

  3. Grace Says:

    Awesome post! Reading about someone who has the courage to follow their heart’s dream is so very inspirational. Right now I’m seeking Inner Guidance for my own (potential) career change…I will follow your example, by living by faith. All is Well!

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks for the good wishes. I haven’t figured out how to fill a whole “page” instead of just a “post,” but I’ll try and do that soon to let people know how they can contact me if they want distance work done. Looking forward to fun adventures.

  5. halfnotes Says:


    Actually, I had a blogroll all along, just didn’t have it showing (my husband graciously fixes all those things, as long as I let him know what I want changed and, of course, provided there’s a way to actually accomplish what I want done!). I’m glad to point people to blogs I think are well-written, teach valuable life lessons, are just plain fun reading, and give credit to people I visit often and who visit me. Thanks for your continuing support.

  6. halfnotes Says:


    Seems to me that, whatever path you finally follow, you’re a very strong, resilient woman and will walk it with dignity and wisdom. Thanks for sharing yourself and your stories with us!

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