Stepping Stones: Selenite

Selenite is one of those stones that have far-reaching benefits and many uses. It can be found shaped into lamps and candle holders, eggs, and other things. But I enjoy the pure chunks of it, and I picked up quite a piece Sunday at the stone shop.



We have several selenite lamps in our home, a collection of eggs in various sizes, and a candle holder that’s big enough to hold a fair amount of loose stones or jewelry or anything else we might want to put in it. And my chakra pendant is built on a selenite wand.

But this is the first piece I have that’s not part of something else or that has other stones attached to it. Selenite is noteworthy for its ability to cleanse itself as well as anything else that it touches. During winter months in the Northeast, this is helpful when the sun doesn’t make appearances for days on end.

It’s a very soft stone (you can scratch it with your fingernail), and if you drop it, it’ll shatter. So it’s a stone that I tend to be somewhat cautious with so I don’t break it. But despite it’s fragility, its powerful transmutation and dissipation of negativity make it an ideal tool.

It can be used in healing oneself or others and will bring up deep-rooted stuff that needs removal. Even though it works on such a deep level, it is one of the gentlest stones I’ve encountered. It is very easy to experience the tender care of the universe while using selenite for healing work.

As the basis for chakra pendants, selenite not only encourages the other stones in the pendant to maintain themselves at the highest, purest energies possible, but it quickly allows all the stones to begin working together in a synchronized way, blending their differing vibrational states into a harmonious whole that is most useful to the wearer of the pendant.

I love the smooth, silky feeling of selenite, even when it’s unpolished. It also has a “singing” quality and will ring like a bell when tapped lightly. In short, I’m thoroughly enjoying getting reacquainted with selenite using the new arrival for my tour guide.

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8 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Selenite”

  1. YUMI Says:

    Even small pieces I got, I placed the corners of my small studio apt., immediately after I placed the last of 4 pieces, I felt the change in the space and it was wild! I sent Reiki towards those 4 corners as well. Thanks for letting me know at the stone shop!

  2. songdeva Says:

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Selenite! The first piece I ever bought was a strangely shaped and polished chunk, shaped maybe a bit like a ghost (in sheet, etc). And it has a similar ethereal quality. It stands up like a bookend. I also have a great rough wand (just a long, 15″ by 1-2″ piece) that is great for helping chi move around my body when I’ve become a bit clogged, perhaps as I’m heading to bed. I always want to use it lengthwise. And the usual odd bits of tumbled ones…including one I put through a wash AND dry cycle…the good news is that though selenite is water soluble, it takes more than one cycle. :) This little tumbled piece that I washed had scrapes on opposite ends after its adventure, and the rest became a bit cloudy, so it became sort of like a wand…energy can be directed through the scraped, clear ends, if that makes sense. It was a happy accident. Great stuff!

  3. tobeme Says:

    Very interesting! I learned a lot from you today.

  4. halfnotes Says:

    Hi, Yumi,

    Glad you enjoyed your pieces and that they helped the energy in your apartment. It’s amazing that such a plain and simple stone can have such a big effect … but then, I’m not really surprised! The universe is such a great provider!

  5. halfnotes Says:


    Wow, never thought of doing that! I guess it would work like Clorox on a metaphysical level? And yes, it’s great for moving energy.

  6. halfnotes Says:


    Thanks for the visit; glad knowledge is getting passed on. That’s the best compliment one can give.

  7. smail Says:

    I have a workshop production of all sorts of items sélenite and gypsum from morocco I have pictures of my products are unique in the level of prices and quality, contact me for more information you will be disappointed it’s not on, I have articles from 7 euros

  8. steve Says:

    Selenite and selenite lamps are a great way to bring peace and calmness to the home. Also make an excellent talking point as each one has a unique character.

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