Stepping Stones: Celestite

I had said to Ted on Saturday night that I wasn’t going to buy much, if anything, when we went to the stone shop. Of course, when we got there, I started exploring, and I found many treasures, including a geode containing many celestite crystals.


I didn’t think I’d ever be drawn to something like that, but when I picked it up, I couldn’t put it down. I also couldn’t explain what I was going to use it for, since I had no idea.

But, like every other stone, its purpose revealed itself after I brought it home.

I’ve got a very small piece of celestite in the throat chakra position on a chakra pendant I made late last year. Other than that, though, my experience with the stone could be summed up as reading about it in books. It’s supposed to be an “angel” stone, good for communication with the angelic realms, as well as enhancing dream recall, deepening meditative states, increasing one’s experience of the self as a being of light, and aiding those in the creative arts or music.

So, I meditated with the celestite I’d brought home. I went into a very deep state very quickly, and other than the sensation of having a stream of energy being drawn out of the crown of my head, I don’t recall anything about it.

But I put it over my head when I went to bed and figured I’d know more in the morning.

I can’t say it made me recall any dreams any more clearly, but it certainly unblocked something. I’d been saying for months I was going to finish my “Water” CD, and since late September, it had remained half finished.

Then, with no “Soul Essence” work on my to-do list until April, I said in January I’d be finished with the disc by February.

Well, February’s almost gone, and while I’d kind of nagged myself about procrastinating, that’s as far as I gotten until this morning.

I didn’t hear any music during the night or get the overall structure for any pieces, but I did start the third of the four pieces for “Water”, and I’ve got a little over two minutes of a projected fifteen-minute song recorded as I type this.

I came home with more than celestite yesterday, but all the other goodies got set aside for unwrapping on another day. For now, I’m going to enjoy what celestite has to offer. I find myself excited about the prospect of finishing this composition series now. I have a trip to California next week and have no idea where I’ll be in the recording process when I leave, but I have no doubt it will be further along the path than I was yesterday.

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