Pure Joy

According to official reports, we got sixteen inches of snow. Whatever! I kept my word to myself and went out and played in it, and I had a blast.

Ecko had a delightful time, too, and the joy quotient went up exponentially when he realized that “Mommy” was running around, leaping, and having a good frolic in the powder.



“Frolic” is such a neat word. You can’t say it without smiling, and I came in from my romp with a glow that stuck with me for over an hour.

Kiefer decided that he was too old and stiff to go tearing around in the yard with us young idiots. Not only that, but because he’s so much shorter in stature than Ecko, the snow is almost impossible for him to walk in unless I’ve shoveled a path.

So if you’ve got a yardful of new, fluffy snow and a young dog, I heartily recommend that you get out there and play! It’s not just for kids.

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