The Way of the Universe is Joy

Today is a wonderful day. The sun is shining, there seem to be more birds around, and it’s just plain good.

I’m still not done with my taxes (but I am a little closer to being done!)

I’m still not finished memorizing the music for “Jupiter” (but I can play what I have learned better than I used to).

I haven’t completed the composition for my friend (but it’s turning out very well since I’m being patient and doing a little bit at a time).

There are plenty of things going on in my family life that keep life interesting, and Kiefer isn’t getting any younger.

But today, I was reminded that the way of the universe is joy. I got swept up in it and called my teacher Maggie just to say, “Hey, isn’t today wonderful?” (Usually, I have much different questions, so this was a treat for both of us.)

No matter where I am or what I am doing, this joy is never far away. I can touch it whenever I need or want to. I just have to remember it’s there, waiting to be enjoyed.

So laugh, dance, smile, sing, delight in the light of being.

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