A Nose for Trouble

Last night, I was curled up in bed, reading, and the two dogs wer sleeping peacefully at my feet on their own beds. Suddenly, Ecko popped up and started sneezing violently and shaking his head.

Ecko is a very scent-driven dog. He’s always sniffing something, so it’s not uncommon for him to sneeze if he gets something up his nose.

But this sneezing wouldn’t quit, and he began licking everywhere, too. So, after a few minutes, Ted came in to see what the fuss was about. I was just laughing, because it seemed funny at the time. Ecko would quiet down for a minute, then sneeze again.

After a little while longer, when he wasn’t stopping, I got out of bed. When I looked Ecko over, I couldn’t find anything, but now, not only was he sneezing and licking, but he was drooling. His bed cover got soaked. My nightgown got soaked. He left puddles on the floor.

We figured he’d gotten bitten or stung by something, most likely a spider, so we gave him a dye-free Benedryl, and Ted took him outside.

When they came back in, Ecko lay back down on his bed, but he wouldn’t settle down. He didn’t want to put his head down, and now, there was some swelling on his lips on his left side, just below the nose.

So Ted and I both did Reiki on Ecko. He’s a “spirit dog” and loves being around when either of us do energy work. He’s also very responsive to stones, and I’ve used them to clear him or treat him for other issues.

After a while, Ted went back to working on his computer, but I stayed with Ecko for about twenty more minutes. He finally relaxed, and stopped drooling and licking. The sneezing, fortunately, had finished long before this.

I got back into bed, and Ecko settled down. Occasionally, he’d start licking again, but if I called his name, he stopped and just put his head down.

I was just about to relax when my Reiki guides spoke up: put Dalmatian jasper under his bed. So I got up, found two pieces, and tucked them in. Thinking I was finally done, I climbed back into bed. Ecko sighed, but my guides piped up again: hematite.

I have one piece that I use for myself most of the time, but I wasn’t sure where I’d put it. We’d just bought a pound of hematite, but it was in a kitchen cabinet. So, reluctantly, I went into the kitchen, shivering in bare feet on the tile floor, and dug out two pieces, came back and tucked those under Ecko with the jasper.

I got into bed and burrowed under the covers. Ecko sighed again, curled himself up into a ball, and slept soundly for the rest of the night, no licking, no drooling, no sneezing (well, at least not when I was awake, anyway!).

This morning, he showed no signs of trouble, and while there’s still a bit of swelling where he got bitten, you can touch the spot now without him flinching away from your hand.

I took the jasper and hematite out from under his bed and put it on selenite to clear it out. Who’d ever have thought that I’d have my own piece of hematite, and my dog would get a matched pair to go with it? But, hey, it works!

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4 Comments on “A Nose for Trouble”

  1. ombudsben Says:

    Wednesday before I went to the oral surgeon for the extraction, I took the dogs with me and walked them in that neighborhood. Both dogs got a snootful of something, and as we crossed the street first Edie then Ernie both gave a couple big head-shaking sneezes, to the immense amusement of a mom biking along the street hauling a kid in one of those little trailers.

    She laughed out loud and called “gesundheit!” to us as she drew even.

    “Danke schon” I smiled with her. “Or should I say doggy schon?”

    Ernie is a German shepherd, after all.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Yes, there’s something inherently funny about air and other stuff flying out of any creature’s nose at over a hundred miles an hour! When goats sneeze, it sounds like someone giving you a raspberry, and every so often, you’d get stuff flying out of both ends of th goat!

  3. songdeva Says:

    Ye gods, Halfnotes. My throat began to close as I read this, which tells me what you already knew. Thank goodness you two jumped in with the benadryl, reiki and stones!

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Yeah, dealing with stuff like that can be pretty stressful! I grew up on a farm, and after years of doing emergency deliveries when goats were having babies where you had to just shut off your emotions and act, I guess you could say I’m kind of battle-tested! Doesn’t mean I don’t have the emotions, though; I just shove ’em in a box and deal with ’em later. And guide dogs are a bit more intimate than any goat I’ve ever had. I’m just glad we had what we needed when we needed it!

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