Stepping Stones: Smoky Quartz and Chrysoprase

A week ago Monday, I had a very vivid dream about stones. I was given two stones, one light brown and glassy, the other “mint-green” and a smooth, thin slice.

I had never had a dream like that before; I usually don’t dream about stones, let alone have their color described to me by someone else in the dream or register the way they feel when I’m holding or touching them.

Needless to say, I woke up pretty intrigued. I didn’t know any light brown stones, and although a lot of green ones came to mind, I had no idea which ones were “mint” green. (And, by the way, what exactly is “mint” green? How is it different than “grass,” “lime,” “kelly,” “hunter,” “moss,” or “envious” green … well, I made that last one up, but … ).

So Ted looked in books, and I asked my teacher Maggie. The consensus came back to smoky quartz and chrysoprase.

Ted and I went to a local stone shop Sunday. I’d E-mailed ahead saying I was looking for these particular stones. So, I wasn’t terribly surprised when I picked up my first piece of smoky quartz and knew it was the exact one I’d held in my dream. A few minutes later, the same thing happened with a little piece of chrysoprase.

I put the smoky quartz under my pillow last night for the first time. Quartz has a high vibration rate, and I think between that and the brown color, which I think linked with some things buried deep inside me, I had some pretty crazy dreams. I can’t recall any of them, except that they were really working on my mind and my heart without disturbing me.

As for the chrysoprase, I carried it all day in my pocket. I’d often touch it when I felt annoyed or rushed, and it helped me refocus myself and clear away the frustration before it became something bigger and more destructive.

These are very different stones than I usually work with, although I’m not quite sure how to explain the difference except to notice it at this point. I haven’t spent enough time with them to really know what they’re for or what they can do. But a dream that vivid shouldn’t be ignored, and I have two beautiful stones that will always remind me of that.

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2 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Smoky Quartz and Chrysoprase”

  1. tobeme Says:

    Very interesting. I guess we will have to wait to see if you find some other meaning in the dream.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Yesterday, I meditated with the smoky quartz and wow, talk about refreshment! I’m sure the chrysoprase has something in it for me, too. It may just be for another time. I’ve often gotten stones only to have them sit for months before their uses become clear to me.

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