Winter Sun

Many mornings these days, when I take the dogs out for their first walk, the sun hasn’t risen yet, or it’s grumpily dragging itself out of bed, bright on the rim of the sky, but not giving any warmth.

For that, I have to wait until late morning, and even then, it’s still a precious thing. With the ground crunchy underfoot with frost or a bit of snow, and the wind making the trees overhead rub their branches creakily and rattle their bare limbs, I pull my head down further into my coat and wish the dogs would be quick about their business.

A neighbor has a big set of wind chimes, and between their music and the ringing of my own little collection, I am reminded just how cold and unsettled this season can be.

Around the yard we go, Ecko young and eager, wanting to sniff everything and claim every bush. He’d love it if I let him off his leash so he could dig for moles or other little critters, or eat the gifts left by the rabbits.

Kiefer is slower, his joints having become stiff with age. He is more contemplative when he sniffs around our shrubs or along the borders of garden walls.

But the sun will surprise us here, when we pass from the chill under the trees or in the shadow of the house into the open. It rests on our backs, giving the barest hint of warmth. It’s not strong enough to keep out the overall chill, but it’s more than welcome.

In the afternoons, if we’re lucky and clouds or snow squalls haven’t blown in, the sun streams into our house and makes golden advances across certain parts of the floor. We don’t have any room that’s flooded by direct sunlight, so these forays are especially pleasant to observe.

For now, the sun sets early; by five or six o’clock, it is dark. It goes down with little fanfare and even less fuss; no long, dreamy twilights in winter!

But soon enough, we will all feel its warmth growing stronger. The hard frostiness of winter will give way to the damp newness of spring. Birds will add their songs to the wind chimes’ accompaniment.

I’ll delight in those coming days, and though it makes me shiver to do it, I’ll spend a few extra moments outside to enjoy what the sun brings today. Soon enough, it will be gone, except in my mind’s eye.

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2 Comments on “Winter Sun”

  1. mao Says:

    Previously, first snow of the season got down in Tokyo.
    It is very warm in the winter of this year.
    Although I went to skiing with the family, I was surprised at the little of too much snow.
    However, it is becoming deep certainly in winter. And a season will begin to move to spring again.
    If it is the country which can feel the four seasons, it is the ceremony repeated every year.

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Dear Mao,

    I think we are all drawn to that ceremony, even if we complain about the cold in winter, the mud in spring, the heat in summer, and raking leaves in the fall! It gives us a sense of order that is comforting for such small things as ourselves in such a large universe. Each season reminds us of our own journey; there is a time for being still and covered with snow in which we turn inward; there is a time where we bring out new blossoms and grow; there is a time for bright sunlight and bearing fruit. Thank you very much for your beautiful comment.

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