Stepping Stones: Black Tourmaline

No matter how far we are along our spiritual path, we are never “too big” to learn, and we never outgrow our need for protection.

We may evolve, but we never become immune. As our light grows brighter and stronger, it becomes a beacon. Even Jesus said that we don’t put our lamps under bushel baskets.

A stone that is particularly helpful in the area of protection is black tourmaline. You can order it from many places and it’s usually quite inexpensive. If you order enough of it, you can “grid” your home with it by burying it on the four corners of your property.

It’s just as helpful when carried. I have several pieces that I either keep on my bedside table or in my pillowcase. Occasionally, I’ll carry them in my pocket or take them down and set them on the desk beside my computer if I’m doing really intense work that calls for shielding.

I also use them in distance healings, arranging them in a triangle with me at the center. I’ve noticed a definite difference in the amount of “stuff” that comes through if I forget to do this.

I love how the tourmaline is smooth without needing to be polished. It has a sort of “sliced” feeling, since it forms in layers that lend themselves to separating in this way.

It’s not as “sharp” as obsidian, and it doesn’t reflect like obsidian either. It’s not as gentle a protector as Dalmatian jasper, although, in my opinion, they are equally effective, so if you have one but not the other, you shouldn’t feel as if you’ve got the “weaker” stone.

But it’s like a metaphysical privacy fence. There’s nothing particularly warm and fuzzy about it, but it keeps unwanted neighbors out and discourages trespassing.

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4 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Black Tourmaline”

  1. abritt5004 Says:

    Iam a very spiritual person. You seem to have alot of knowledge in different stones and what they do. I wear this moonstone i purchased from the Heritage Store in Virginia Beach, VA. It has helped me a great deal with keeping negative energy from negative people off me. People do not realize that when you come in contact with people you can pick up their energy weither it is posistive or negative. Thank you for your profound knowledge and wanting to help others to become aware of these energies.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Thank you for your kind words. I think that, if you have knowledge, then you should pass it on, whether it’s how to play a musical instrument, speak a language, oral history, how to build houses, where to find certain kinds of fish, medicinal plants, stones, or whatever.

    I’m not really “book-learned” either; I’m sure some of the things I’ve written kind of fly in the face of what “they” (whoever “they” are!) say certain stones do. But I write from my own experiences.

    Moonstone is a very wise stone, and I’m glad it’s protective for you. Have you explored any other kinds of stones? (Just curious!)

  3. abritt5004 Says:

    I was just looking through this book of different stones and what they do. If you are not familiar with certain stones, they can be very dangerous. However, you are very selective with your judgment I’m sure. Feel free to email me I would love to talk to you more and share our interests, that will be nice.

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