Healing Doesn’t Begin with “I”

There is no place for a big ego or self-importance in healing.

There are two ways to approach the art of providing healing in whatever modality to another human being. The first is through pity.

Pity looks down from a high place on someone else. It comes from the fear of the possibility of becoming like that person. It sees healing as something you do to someone because they can’t do it for themselves. It is constantly aware of the difference between the healer and the one being healed, and it tries to maintain the distance between the two.

The other approach to healing is one of compassion. It views all human beings as equal. Instead of “standing over” someone else, the compassionate healer is more likely to “stand beside”.

Compassion comes from the deep awareness that we are all human. It treats every person from a position of love, regardless of whether the healer agrees with the choices of the person they are healing. It comes from the belief that we all hold the possibility for growth within us. Rather than working toward a cure to illustrate skill or advancement in healing practice, compassion accepts that the healer is only the lens through which a person can view their next step.

The compassionate healer has become aware of tools that might help someone else. Rather than keeping them all for him- or herself and using them “on” another, the compassionate healer shares these tools with their fellow human beings, with the full knowledge that the thing that was perfect for their own progress may not work for someone else. Rather than being threatened by this knowledge, they simply accept it and move on, certain that at some point, each person can find what works best for them.

As a healer, I have no personal stake in whether the people I work with take my advice or not. I have no need for fat paychecks or glory, and I don’t see myself as the be-all and end-all of healing.

I am only one healer. My experiences shape me and color my practice of the healing arts. For some people, my approach is perfect; for others, it doesn’t work at all. For still others, I am the worst thing that ever came to healing.

Being human, we all have things that appeal to us. I wrote earlier that I don’t need fat paychecks or glory. This is true, but financial independence and recognition are certainly enjoyable when they come.

But those aren’t the main goal of my healing work. I have recently been reminded by my Reiki guides that, whatever happens in a healing session, it’s not about me; it’s about the person receiving the healing.

So, my goal is to always try, no matter who I am working with, to get myself out of the way and allow healing to happen when and where it will. The universe is infinitely bigger than I am. By allowing its loving energy to flow through me without directing it where to go or trying to give it parameters or limitations, I open myself up to the delight of witnessing healing in all its endless varieties.

I celebrate the steps each person takes on their own journey of growth and discovery. Many people have helped me along my own path, so I come to each person’s place along the road and see it from the same level. I am no different at the core than the homeless person struggling with mental illness and addiction, or the wife of a multibillion-dollar international corporation.

We are all human, and all enfolded in the loving regard of the universe.

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4 Comments on “Healing Doesn’t Begin with “I””

  1. Carol Says:

    Thanks for the update in my cooments! That’s great news about your new client! Doesn’t it feel great? Congrats!

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Yes, especially if it’s something you’ve wanted to do all your life and only just recently discovered the avenue to do it! Thanks for the encouragement.

  3. I completely understand when you say that we need to “get out of the way” during healing work. It’s a matter of offering our body as a vessel to allow the great energy to flow through.
    I do IET – Integrated Energy Therapy, which is similar to Reiki, but channels the energy of the angels. I have never really done a session on anyone else but my husband and kids. But it has helped me learn so much about compassion. To just be open to healing work feels amazing.
    I congratulate you for pursuing your healing work. I love to read posts like yours.

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Oh, cool! If you had told me a year ago I’d be doing Reiki, I would have laughed at you! Coming from a pretty traditional Christian background with lots of question marks, I wasn’t exactly looking for it. But universe has a way of finding us and setting us on the path we should be on, and I’m really glad I heard the message now and not forty or more years later. Some people are unhappy and have no idea why and spend their whole lives that way because they don’t realize there’s any other way. I’d love to know about your healing work, too. (I’m also trying to figure out how to put blogs I visit regularly on my blogroll, without much success!) Hmmm, maybe my guides can help with that, huh?

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