The Dragon’s Name is Fear

Fear is a dragon that eats its own tail. It lives inside each of us, and the more it eats, the bigger and uglier it grows.

For some people, it sits in front of them and makes their next step seem so absolutely terrible that they decide it’s easier to just sit where they are than to move forward.

For others, the fear dragon sits behind them. It constantly reminds them of all the negative things in their past that seem to cause there problems in the present and limit their access to the future. It makes them feel like they don’t deserve to take the next step or that they don’t have the power to leave their past in the past where it belongs.

But as fearsome as the dragon is, it is at heart a bully. If we gather our own will, disregard the limitations the dragon makes us believe we have, and start putting one foot in front of the other, then it has no power over us.

It may roar loudly to try and drown out any truth you are hearing in your own mind. It may blow smoke in your eyes to try and confuse you about the path ahead.

But we can all be dragon slayers, and our sword is the determination to move forward, allowing the past to teach us but not trap us, the present to hold our attention but not hinder our progress, and the future to beckon us onward instead of becoming a source of worry and doubt.

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2 Comments on “The Dragon’s Name is Fear”

  1. Slaying the ‘what ifs’. Every time I start thinking of ‘what if’, I will visualize my inner-dragon slayer.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    “Poof!” … the magic dragon goes away.

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