Stepping Stones: Malachite

Let me make something very clear. We talk about “heart stones,” what stones “do” for us, and all kinds of other things. But no matter how powerfully a stone affects us, it is really we who are doing the changing.

I only learned about malachite a little over a month ago. I’m not well-versed on its properties, either, except that my teacher, Maggie, used it as a heart stone.

I didn’t think much of this until late December, when we were sitting in Maggie’s kitchen, looking at stones. There were some big pieces of malachite, and I began to feel like maybe they had something to teach me.

We went home that night and looked online. There is a fair amount of malachite out there; it just depends what shape you want it in. I was interested, but we didn’t order anything.

A few days later, Ted went online again, and one of my Reiki guides, who takes the form of a phoenix, nudged me to ask about malachite. When we found some malachite eggs, the proverbial feathers were flying. I told Ted to order two eggs.


They arrived last Thursday, and my guide was practically dancing with delight. I’m not sure what was being celebrated more; the fact that I had a powerful heart stone and was going to take some major steps along my spiritual journey, or the fact that, at least figuratively, there were now two eggs that needed tending to.

In my experience so far, malachite is powerful, but also subtle. It’s not as sharp and in-your-face as obsidian in its delivery, but it definitely gets to the deep stuff and brings it up for one’s examination.

Consequently, I’ve had some great realizations about myself, especially regarding the limitations I put on myself as a musician because of fear. These reminders about myself may not be pleasant, but my guides have been wonderful about letting me look at what needs looking at without having a huge emotional response. Fear is definitely something I want to work on, but I don’t want to have to experience all its heart-pounding, clenched-fist, stomach-churning qualities.

I’ve carried the eggs in my pocket each day, then put them on selenite at night to clear them out. (Malachite isn’t the only new stone I’m exploring right now, so there are different ones taking the night shift.)

It’s only been a few days, but I’m intrigued by the changes I’m seeing so far. And if the eggs “hatch,” who knows what adventures lie in store for me!

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