A Time of Renewal

Yesterday, we sent out the last “Soul Essence” pieces of the season. I now have a few months of renewal and replenishment ahead of me.

My Reiki guides have pushed and prodded, coaxed and cajoled, knocked me down, picked me up, held my hand, given me a kick in the butt, in short, sent me on a grand education over the past seven months. They’ve sorted out melodies, given me guidance on which instruments to use, shown me ways of accomplishing goals I never would have come up with by myself.

And now, having finished forty-five songs, they’re making sure I take time out.

The whole experience of doing any “Soul Essence” is pretty incredible. First of all, I never thought I’d be doing so much composing. Second, I never thought I would be using it for healing. And finally, I never dreamed anyone would look at the idea of having a song of their own and say, “Yeah, I want that, I need that”.

I am deeply honored that people have asked me to do this, and very thankful. One of the main reasons I have learned and grown so much in the past seven months is that each piece has something to teach me that I couldn’t learn anywhere else or from anyone else.

The sense of delight and certainty that comes when everything in a piece is “just right” is nothing I can express in words. It’s a mixture of surprise, joy, trust, and deep respect for the place where inspiration comes from. I don’t think I’ll ever lose that “Wow!” moment when a piece is done.

But now, with the winter months, it is time to turn inward, let the fields lie fallow for awhile, to rest.

It is already over sixty degrees here as I write this, and before I sat down at the computer, I went around the house and opened every window. This is certainly very strange for January in New York: no snow or hard freezes yet this season.

I’m thankful for the savings on heating oil, and for the chance to clear out the house on an energetic level.

I know it’s not normal, and I could spend today worrying about the implications of our thoughtless disregard for the earth and the consequences of our careless actions and consumption.

Instead, I’ll celebrate the fresh air all through the house, take a long moment of thanksgiving for what has passed in the last few months, then, at least for today (because, even without “Soul Essence” projects for the next few months, I have plenty on my to-do list!), relax and savor the feeling of having nowhere to go, nothing to do, and no schedule to keep.

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