Open Eyes, Open Minds, Open Hearts

No matter how big our families, or how many friends and acquaintances we surround ourselves with, we are truly alone.

There is no one else inside our head talking to us; Reiki guides and the Holy Spirit have input, but we are alone within ourselves as physical, emotional human beings. Therefore, by extension, we are the only ones who can know the innermost secrets of our own hearts.

This might cause some people to become frantic, desperate, and terrified. This is one perfectly natural reaction to a very powerful realization. These people might search for their “soul mates” in love, or lean heavily for emotional support on others outside themselves. But they must accept that, even among their crowded lives, they are alone.

There are still others who, discovering this truth, close themselves off from human intimacy and community, either in response to fear or in defense of their vulnerable hearts. They have decided that, if they are destined to be alone, then there is no point in human relationships.

A third group, having tested humanity and finding it untrustworthy, closes off their hearts as a defense against further pain. For these, rediscovering the interconnections between people can either be a joyful rekindling that surprises and delights anyone that witnesses it, or they can choose to remain “safe” in their reserve. Either choice must be honored; I can’t force someone to choose one way if it is unnatural to him or her, and no one can force me to be more open than I feel comfortable being.

Finally, there are those who live from moment to moment, with hearts and minds open to all. These people often get labeled “foolish,” “naïve,” “stupid,” or “gullible.” These people have faith that there is good in every person and interact with the world accordingly.

Since reality is what you make it, this last group often includes the seemingly happiest and most blessed among men. Good things happen to and for them because they expect them to, not because of any sense of “rights” or “deserving,” but just because.

More often than not, we all take turns migrating between groups. Sometimes, we guard our hearts fiercely, especially after some deep wound has been inflicted. Other times, we are content to plunge into life with total abandon, and the universe showers goodness on us.

Today, as I shift among these different states, my heart as fluid as water, I decide to be conscious of my choices and the things that prompt me to make them. The first step to opening my heart, I have discovered, is opening my eyes, then opening my mind.

What do you see today that you didn’t notice yesterday? And having seen it, does it change anything in your thinking? How does your heart respond to the newness in your mind?

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2 Comments on “Open Eyes, Open Minds, Open Hearts”

  1. YUMI Says:

    It took me a long time to be okay to be ‘alone.’ I needed to come across the sea and across the continent, and now I’m 7000 miles away from where my family is. I was nurtured and protected by love, and started depending on absorbing that “loving” feeling from other people. I now know the difference between ‘alone’ and ‘lonely’ cause I am no longer lonely. Yet, it’ll be nice to merge with a soul to keep imagination of how you’d feel to be the other person. I think that will be called ‘sharing.’ My only problem now is that I’m so used to and comfortable with being ‘alone.’ This may tends to make a person very selfish in a bad way.

    Again, I love your profound insights – love reading this blog.

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Hi Yumi,

    Selfishness is only “bad” when you use it to damage other people or keep them from having a relationship with you. If we don’t care for ourselves and protect ourselves, no one else will, and besides, if we aren’t in good shape ourselves, how can we expect ourselves to take care of other people?

    And as far as the relationships thing, since we don’t control other people, only ourselves, we choose our own actions, but we can’t choose those of others. If someone reaches out to us and we push them away, it is there choice to reach and ours to push. As long as we’re clear on those things, and we’re at peace with our own choices, then whatever we do, wherever we are, whoever we are with, is exactly right.

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