Into the Woods: Yew

Ted brought home a yew wand yesterday, with rhodizite and Herkimer diamond crystals in the handle. The wand was sort of my idea, at least the combination of that particular wood and those particular stones, although, in full honesty, my Reiki guides suggested it (I don’t think I have enough knowledge of woods and stones to come up with that on my own).

Anyway, the wand will be a healing tool, and Ted spent time last night doing the final shaping, sanding, and polishing.

It’s a beautiful wand to look at, and it feels good in the hand. But any time you cut a piece of wood, or carve it into a wand shape, or sand it, or drill it to put stones in it, it stresses the wood and gets its energy all stirred up.

Then, put two stones inside, and you’ve got a party! All the different components have to harmonize, get acclimated, and work together if the wand is going to be effective, and all that “getting-to-know-you” stuff takes time.

Yew is well-known for its healing properties. It is also a terrific amplifier, and very absorbent. It is often planted around cemeteries to keep the spirits where they belong.

Well, last night, I was meditating, and I kept getting these mildly unpleasant sensations and experiences. I can’t recall any of them specificly, but I knew something was off.

I came up out of my meditation on guard, and one of my guides said, “Ask Ted where that yew wand is.” I did; it was on the bedside table.

Then, the guide said, “You’ve got to get protection for yourself and take that wand outside and clear it.”

I’ve cleared wands before, but I’ve never been prompted so strongly, and it definitely got my attention. I wasn’t scared in the literal sense of the word, but I knew without a doubt that this was a big deal, and I’d better just shut my mouth, follow instructions, and ask questions later.

I went down to my office, picked up two pieces of Dalmatian jasper that are kind of my heavy hitters as far as protection stones go (they sit by my computer all the time, so they get all the stuff from working on “Soul Essence” pieces).

I had to walk the dogs, so I went out with them, carrying the wand and the two stones. Kiefer got tangled in a thornbush along the fence line, and I thought, “Hmmm, this is a little weird; he’s never gotten caught there before.” If I thought I had been paying attention already, now I was firing on all cylinders, and that’s just how my guides wanted it.

I put the dogs back inside, and my guides directed me back to that fence line, right near the pricker bush. “Is this where I’m supposed to clear it?” I asked. They said yes.

If anyone had walked out into our backyard over the next fifteen minutes, they would’ve thought I had gone insane. I took one stone in each hand, pointed the wand at the ground, and waited for my guides’ next set of directions.

First, I talked to the spirits in the wand and told any that wanted to cause harm or mischief to leave. Then, I said that the wand’s purpose was for healing, and that all the spirits left in it had to get themselves organized and settled down before I’d go back in the house. And anyone that didn’t want to be helpful or work toward the benefit of those being healed could leave, too.

Next, I thanked the wood and stones for what they were going to do, and also thanked the earth for taking the unruly spirits back.

Finally, I said that the wand didn’t belong to me, that Ted would be its primary user, and it had to be real clear with him about when it needed to be cleared. After all that, I spent a few minutes just being quiet.

When I had finished, the wand felt calmer, and my guides suggested that I leave the stones outside overnight to make sure nothing hitched a ride back in with them. So, I tucked them next to a big planter where I’d be able to find them again in the morning.

Now there was just one thing left to do while I was outside; I knelt down and put my hands on the ground and just let the earth suck out whatever I was carrying around. The sensation I got running up my arms was like being very cold and tingling without the physical sensation of coldness.

I took the wand back inside and gave it back to Ted, then washed my hands in cold water as a last precaution.

I don’t know exactly who or what was in the wand. Besides, that’s not the point. What was important, I think, was the lessons from my guides about trusting them completely. Never at any time did I feel like I was going to be overwhelmed because I knew they were directing my actions, and they have my safety and well-being as their highest priority. I knew that, if it was too big for me to handle with them, they’d tell me who I needed to call for help.

I told Ted he had to listen to his guides about this particular wand. It’s a powerful tool, but being as absorbent as it is, it’s going to need regular and strong cleaning. Selenite, sunlight, fine. But I’m absolutely sure that last night’s excursion won’t be its only trip out into the backyard with protection stones.

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