Stepping Stones: Ruin Marble

Along my “inner” stone path, marble has come to play a part.

I have a small polished piece that is roundish in shape. At first, I just enjoyed the feeling of it in my hand, how my fingers glided easily over its surface.

But as with everything else, there’s a lot more under the surface if we care to go looking.

I began holding the stone during meditation, and unlocked seemingly ancient wisdom. It wasn’t “trivia knowledge,” facts and figures, so much as a sense of something that was shared and passed from generation to generation.


The particular stone I have is ruin marble, and it brought inner visions of the fabled ball courts and ceremonial plazas of ancient South America, or the sun-drenched public squares of Rome, or perhaps even the great temple and library complexes of Alexandria.

The specific place of origin didn’t matter. It was the sense of being connected to a long, continuous tradition of human discovery, thought, teaching and learning, storytelling that intrigued me. After all, I have no idea where my little stone came from.

I do know that, in combination with rose quartz, it makes a powerful statement. The love of God coupled with the mind of man, or perhaps, it would be better to say the mind of man seeking after and reflecting and contemplating the love of God. However it’s said, wherever it’s from, what the past has to teach us can be vital to our present circumstances and a precious gift we bestow on future generations.

Sometimes, we discredit ourselves, thinking we have nothing to teach or share. However, every single person, whether they have multiple college degrees or are an illiterate farmer, holds valuable insights that only they could have experienced and only they can express.

In discovering ourselves and sharing our path with others of many backgrounds, we knit ourselves into the grand tapestry of humanity. Every thread matters, and it is only by interwoven lives that the whole can be created and celebrated.

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