Stepping Stones: Blue Jade (Jadeite)

Blue jade (jadeite) is considered to be another “wisdom” stone, noted for its calming properties.


I have had a piece of blue jade for several months, but I only began using it recently in my own meditations. I have found that, just because I have a stone, I won’t necessarily use it right when I first get it. Often, I have preparations to make within myself before the lessons of a particular stone can be absorbed.

I quickly learned that the calming effects that make blue jade valuable were not just idle chatter. Indeed, it was very useful in quieting my mind and helping me refocus on the voices and messages of my Reiki guides.

In particular, I have found it indespensible in sorting out incoming information while creating “Soul Essence” music, especially in situations where there is apparent confusion or indecision.

Blue jade not only calmed mind and refocused perception so my guide’s teaching could come through. It also clarified and crystallized my sense of purpose and directed me to a right path to follow to accomplish whatever goal was appropriate. It was great at dispelling those little nagging doubts that can plague us all and sap our energy.

One of the things I noticed was blue jade’s contrasts to amethyst. While they both take one deep into meditative states, amethyst widens the perspective of the mind, revealing the vastness that lies at the center of us all. On the other hand, blue jade focuses the inner mind to a laser point of awareness and allows for the removal of any outward distractions that are inhibiting one’s progression toward higher selfhood.

Both blue jade and amethyst have cooling properties. But where amethyst takes you into a deep, calm pool, blue jade refines your mind into a single water droplet.

I’m sure I’ll come to a time when I set aside the blue jade and move on to another stone. But its lessons of quiet certainty, serenity and clear wisdom are ones I will surely revisit many times along my journey.

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