Guides and Guardians

Last night, I got a gentle yet powerful reminder about trusting my Reiki guides.

I have been working on “Soul Essence” songs for people since late spring, and each one has taught me a lot. Perhaps their greatest lessons have been about trusting my Reiki guides.

When I have asked them, they have been exceptional guardians, keeping unwanted influences and the assorted junk that everyone carries around from finding its way into my space.

When I have asked, they have made it possible to recall complex melodies and other musical information when I didn’t have anything to write it down with.

When I have asked, they have provided confidence that what I was hearing in the music being created was correct for whoever was receiving it, regardless of my own opinions about it.

They have encouraged, enlightened, pushed, held back, calmed, kicked in the proverbial butt, in short, have done everything you would want guides to do.

My shortcoming is that I often forget to ask. Then I wonder why I’m so confused or discouraged or otherwise shaken up.

I’ve got three very different guides, ranging from one with a typical, dry, British sense of humor, to one I only experience as an energetic being, to a third who is in the form of a phoenix.

They each have my highest good in mind and want to see me reach it. But I have to keep communicating with them, or I’ll get stuck in the same spot I’m at now, or, perhaps, slip backward.

My guides don’t like standing still or going backward. So wherever I am, as long as I remember to call them, I can count on some pretty amazing help.

The guides don’t replace God. God is still the highest pinnacle of everything. But since God provided these particular guides, knowing who I am and who they are, it’s nothing less than a match made in heaven.

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2 Comments on “Guides and Guardians”

  1. Tina Says:

    Upon reading this, I was instantly reminded of when Peter was brought up to the top of a mountain with Jesus and there he saw Moses and Elijah. Peter was so excited and bowed down to worship them. Jesus explained to him how he should not make tabernacles for them and how he could not stay up on the mountain with them. That same forward motion you spoke of regarding your guides. Amazing how God has special, unique purposes for every single thing that He has created. May it bring Him the glory due His name, You are blessed to have that similar relationship with your guides, as well as, the Holy Spirit that keeps you aware of your calling. I thank God that you have made the Holy Spirit your Ultimate Guide.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    There’s no other way, in my opinion. God wants us to follow His road, but He wants us to use all the tools He’s given us along the way; guides, stones, wood, meditation, whatever it is. Just keep everything in its proper perspective; God first, everything else after.

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