The Reality of Humility

Humility has gotten a bad rap lately.

A lot of people think that humility is allowing others to take advantage of you, or that it’s not standing up for yourself.

Sometimes, humility is seen as sweeping your talents under the rug so they don’t get developed to their full potential and you don’t get credit for what you deserve.

In American society, where everyone is seeking their fifteen minutes of fame, desperately trying to “get” more, “get” ahead, and scrambling to stay on top, there isn’t much room or respect for humility. The bigger your ego, or bank account; the more beautiful your body or house; the more power you have, the more respect you get.

In this mad rush to have, to arrive, it’s easy to lose sight of the road we’re traveling along, and it’s just as easy for too many people to discard character traits that have no apparent benefit on their quest for material greatness.

But humility, as one of these traits, has a big part to play in our journey through life.

Humility doesn’t say, “I’m not good at anything.” It says, “Look at the talents God has blessed me with,” then uses those talents to reflect God to other people.

Humility doesn’t say, “I’m not strong, so go ahead and abuse me and I won’t fight back.” Instead, it says, “In the panorama of creation, I am only one small yet integral part, and I am just as precious to God as anyone else.”

Humility doesn’t say, “I am not worthy to receive honor or other good things.” On the contrary, it is thankful for all that comes to us, both good and bad, and uses everything to the benefit of all people.

Humility isn’t crawling in the dirt and groveling. Humility is being in awe of our place in the universe but never taking ourselves so seriously that we lose perspective.

In short, humility is something we could all use a bit more of. The lessons I am excited about today I may forget tomorrow and need to relearn the day after that. How can I be anything but humble with that kind of knowledge?

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2 Comments on “The Reality of Humility”

  1. sudarishi Says:

    Dear 1/2notes,

    Good to read you again! And feels GOOD to comment first on Humility…

    I love this article & will refer to many to go thru this to understand what is & what is not HUMILITY.

    Also according to my unfolding

    Humility is acknowledging the essence that we are GOD & yet allowing IT to operate & surrender to IT’s WILL.

    Humility is also using our COMMON SENSE in a more SENSIBLE way, like you’ve pointed out :)

    Lots of

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Too many people think humility is bad or weak. I think it’s harder to show humility than be egotistical. Humility is trusting that, no matter what anyone on earth says, God treasures you beyond all imagining, and that is more than enough.

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