Christmas Goes to the Dogs

I try to do my Christmas gift-giving before Christmas, and my family has perfected the art of the non-purchased gift, believing the present of one’s time and attention is more valuable than anything we could buy.

So, on Christmas, the only ones in our house getting presents were the dogs, Kiefer and Ecko.

Actually, they’d gotten their presents a few days earlier, while staying at my mom’s. But they didn’t get used in our house until yesterday.

My husband will tell you I’m one of the hardest people to get gifts for, and he’s right. I’ve gotten very good at telling the difference between “I need” and “I want,” and if a gift isn’t in the “I need” category, I don’t think about the fact I don’t have it. I like my gifts practical and useful.

I still enjoy the purely pleasurable gift; my students have delighted me with countless CD’s, scented candles, lotions, etc. But I still like a gift that I can use often. This way, I think about the giver each time I’m using it, and they know without a doubt it’s appreciated.

This year, my mom got the dogs blankets. One set is “informal,” for use upstairs or when they stay at her house. The other set, which is white with grand pianos on it, is the “formal” set for use in my teaching studio downstairs.

I was delighted by the gifts first because we needed them. But second, I especially liked the fact that each blanket raises money for Empire Service Dogs, a group that is breeding and training service dogs for disabled people.

Now, Kiefer and Ecko haven’t quite figured out the blankets are theirs yet. After all, they don’t smell like they belong in our house (Ecko says) and they’re not easy to make into a wad and curl up around (according to Kiefer).

Ecko has also decided that, since he’s bigger, he should use both blankets by himself and relegate Kiefer to a cushion on the other side of the room. You know, typical behavior between older and younger siblings who just got really cool Christmas presents from their grandma!

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