What miracles!

The sun shines, rises and sets, floods the morning with light and paints the sky in an evening masterpiece.

The earth, balanced and set to spinning, circles the sun, turning in its days and through its seasons, snow in the winter, heat in the summer.

The clouds wrap the earth in a blanket of mists, appearing white, or blue, or grey, or black from where we stand, looking up, bringing rain, speaking in thunder, and cocooning us from the vast expanse of intergalactic space.

What miracles?

We are given hearts that yearn for love, minds that search for truth, eyes that drink in the beauty and mystery of the world around us, mouths to speak our dreams into being, ears to hear the songs and stories of our lives, hands to hold and to heal.

Today and every day is a day of miracles. We cry out for them, celebrate them, and even, in the most secret places of our hearts, are terrified by them because we can’t explain them, feel like we don’t deserve them, and are afraid of the deep changes that seemingly small things demand of us.

Miracles. We are all miracles. Today and every day, I rejoice in the miracle that I am and delight and love the miracle of you.

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2 Comments on “Miracles”

  1. sudarishi Says:

    Dear 1/2notes,

    Loved your ideas about miracles. According to me this has been the best definition of Miracles…
    “Miracles. We are all miracles. Today and every day, I rejoice in the miracle that I am and delight and love the miracle of you.”

    I too vibe with the same note…

    Will come again to check more of your composition.

    When I get time I’ll spend some time in rejoicing the miracle that is YOU!!!

    Lots of
    Love & Light

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Thank you for your kind words. If we take a moment to realize every person as a miraculous creation, we have a harder time justifying actions of anger, hatred, etc. It’s a daily challenge, never to take anyone for granted.

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