The Gift of Chapel Pond

Yesterday, driving up to a thirtieth wedding anniversary celebration for one of my brother’s in-laws, we came upon a magical place.

The sign said “Chapel Pond,” and even before getting out of the car, we knew that a spirit lived there.


We walked down to the waterside. I heard what sounded like a waterfall, but there was no waterfall to be found.

From across the pond came the rumbling of a rockslide, but there were no rocks moving, and no splash to tell us they had landed in the water.

Something drew me to bend down, put my hand in the water, and pick up a rock. It was small, rough, and someone encouraged me to take it.


Exploring the shore around my feet, I noticed no other rocks of that size. Thinking what a wonderful gift I had been given, I decided it would be nice to find stones to carry back to share with other people.

But when I reached in the water again, it was painfully cold, much colder than it had been when I was first invited to take the stone. Also, there were no other rocks of any significant size anywhere under my fingertips. The message was as clear as the water: “No, only one, and it’s for you.”

Sometimes, we get so excited and delighted about what we learn from the universe, what a gift our lessons are, that we want to pass them on to everyone because we find such value in them ourselves.

But sometimes, the lessons we are given, by spirits, ponds, or little stones, are for us alone, to be treasured and carried close to our hearts.

As we were preparing to leave, there was another “rockslide” from across the pond. My “analytical” mind wondered, “If I walked around the shoreline, could I find a waterfall.” And, “Where are the rocks falling from, and could I climb there to figure them out?”

But my spirit was thanking whoever calls that pond home, knowing the “rockslide” had been my own private farewell.

Perhaps in the spring, when the weather has warmed again, we will return to Chapel Pond. By then, I will have had time to reflect on the lessons of my little stone. I’m sure, if I’m ready, there will be greater lessons waiting for me there.

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