Stepping Stones: Moonstone

It’s always fascinating to me how we are drawn to certain stones, even if we don’t think we would be.

This happened to me recently with moonstone.


For whatever reason, its name had a special allure for me. So I now have a piece of it, unpolished but still with a very sleek, satiny feeling to it.

I learned that it is called the grandmother stone. This conjures up visions of passed wisdom between generations for me, but the stone doesn’t remind me at all of my own grandmother.

Where the stone is cool and smooth, my grandmother is hot-tempered and impulsive. The stone has a very gentle energy to it. My grandmother, on the other hand, is impatient with sentimentality. She liked her kind deeds quick and to the point.

As for passed wisdom, she once tried to teach me to crochet. We went to the fabric store and picked out a crochet hook and beautiful blue yarn. Then, we sat at her kitchen table, and the lesson began.

You’d think it’d be simple to learn to do the basic hooking and looping motion that’s the basis of crochet. For my grandmother, it was. But she was right-handed and I was left-handed, so that’s where our troubles began.

Because I can’t see by watching, I had to touch what she was doing to understand it. To which her response was: “Get your hands out of there!”

Well, try as I might, I never did learn to crochet, though I made valiant efforts (at home, of course, where my hands wouldn’t get in her way).

I think the whole thing is pretty funny, even though many people would be deeply disturbed by her seemingly insensitive attitude. Looking back, it was obvious that I genuinely wanted to learn, and she genuinely wanted to teach me, but we just couldn’t communicate to each other what each of us needed to make the whole endeavor successful.

There are plenty of other, more valuable lessons I’ve learned from her, anyway. As for the moonstone, I’m still waiting to discover what it has to teach me. But I doubt I’ll hear anything from it quite like, “Get your hands out of here!”

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One Comment on “Stepping Stones: Moonstone”

  1. abritt5004 Says:

    Thank you for your comment to my yahoo mail address i gave you. I would love to get together to discuss more of your passionate wisdom with stones, crystals etc. Please email me again i would love to talk to you more. I really like your story about your grandmother, i bet she was an extraordinary woman, like my grandmother, may she rest in peace. I miss her so much. Especially the talks we shared, her wisdom-filled words. Take care and have a good week!

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