On the Longest Night of the Year

On the longest night of the year, does the sun pause in its fiery existence and contemplate its place in the galaxy?

Does the earth sigh, feeling the slight shift in its bearings as it circles the sun or as its surface is covered over with snow, buffeted by cold winds?

Does the great whale, in its drifting and wandering in the deep, wonder about what might be above the ocean, about what could be found if, one day, leaping for breath, it took flight?

Does the owl stop in fluffing its feathers, its silent concentration broken for a moment, away from the field mice below to question the reasons for its existence?

Does the oak tree ask about the welfare of all the acorns that it made, dropped, and were carried away by small creatures from below?

Does the deer mourn the recent disappearance of her spotted coat or worry about how he will replace his antlers now that they have changed from velvet to something seemingly permanent, only to fall off beside a bush?

Does the mother bear, turning in her den, consider how much longer she has to sleep?

Do the honeybees, softly humming to themselves in their hive, take stock of how much honey they have left for the months until the flowers return to nourish them?

On the longest night of the year, feeling the vastness of the universe and keenly aware of our tiny place in its grand design, we, the men and women of this present age, surrounded by nature’s mysteries, would do well to be quiet, be thankful, be joyful and gentle in our walk through this lifetime.

On the longest night of the year, turning in our beds or gazing out at the stars, keeping vigils or baking bread, tending flocks or feeding fires, building bridges or searching for truth, tonight we should consider our journeys and the ones who pass through them, as teachers, lovers, parents, friends, and all on their own path and in their own direction, and lift them up in celebration to the universal presence of God.

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