Stepping Stones: Tibetan Quartz

Living in New York, we have plenty of experience with quartz, especially the Herkimer diamonds. But I’d never seen Tibetan quartz, and the crystal I received from my teacher was certainly full of surprises and lessons for me.

I think quartz is a very “active” stone. I can’t have it near my bed at night because it keeps me awake (but hey, it’s healthier than cola or coffee, right?!).


However, I love touching it and exploring all its nooks and crannies. The Tibetan crystal I have seems to hold entire palaces within it, or maybe even cities. Whatever they are, I know they’re bigger than I am, and no matter how long the crystal remains in my care (after all, we are all just stewards, temporary guests here on a long journey), it will be a stone I will continually be growing into.

Again, like the ruby and sapphire, it has plenty of seeming imperfections. But don’t we all! If a stone or piece of wood can remind us to love ourselves in our entirety, then I don’t think the physical packaging is all that important.

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