Stepping Stones: Ruby and Sapphire

I’ve always been more comfortable with polished and tumbled stones. I like their smoothness. But when I went looking for ruby and sapphire, what I received were unpolished crystals.


Of course, there was the usual “ooooh” factor; who wouldn’t think it was wonderful to have a big sapphire or ruby, even without an understanding or interest in metaphysics? And from a geological standpoint, they’re both corundums. Rubies are the red ones, and sapphires, while usually thought of as blue, are any other color except red.

From an energetic perspective, although I didn’t realize it at first, ruby and sapphire work on the bottom and top ends of the chakra spectrum. I thought I was just looking for them at the same time because I like order and completeness.

But because my two particular stones are unpolished, I’m getting lessons in accepting my own imperfections. I might always try to portray myself to others as polished, smooth, beautiful. But I’ve got plenty of inclusions, chips, scratches, and broken parts. No amount of surface glitter can hide them, and they’re just a natural part of who I am.

As much as I want to move ever higher along my universal path toward enlightenment (signified by the sapphire’s association with higher chakras), I can’t do it by ignoring, denying, or getting rid of my lower energies (as illustrated by the ruby’s affinity with the bottom ones).

My sapphire and ruby aren’t pretty to look at or smooth to the touch, but they’re just as precious as a shiny, faceted, multi-carat stone in a great setting. And, besides, I’ll learn more from these than from any pair of earrings or pendant.

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