Stepping Stones: Blue Tiger Eye

The blue tiger eye is an excellent grounding stone, and it brings the overall vibration rate down. Some people do well to carry it all the time, but I’m not one of them. I was told to set it aside, and my guides would tell me when I needed it.


In late September, I had my first experience using it. I dreamed that I died, and I felt my soul separate from my physical body. I was able to look down and see people’s reactions to me.

I was aware of some who were very sad about my passing, but I also felt tremendous love, joy and encouragement from those who were praying for my spirit to return to the place of enlightenment.

I stayed suspended in that knowledge for a little while, but then I looked up, and my entire being was flooded with light. I felt my spirit being drawn upward, and the higher I rose, the faster I ascended. It was as if I was losing substance as I went higher, and as I got further and further up, my joy and anticipation were enough to make my heart burst. I knew I was going home!

But at some point, I also realized that it wasn’t my time to leave the physical world. I floated back down, still totally engulfed by light and love, and reentered my body.

When I reentered it, I was looking down on one of my pianos in my studio downstairs. I came back into my body, my feet touched ground, and I put my hands on the top of the piano to steady myself.

My first thoughts were a simultaneous jumble of knowing that I had to go tell Ted I was here but also knowing I had to practice speaking first so I remembered how to use my physical voice and didn’t frighten anyone. And, contrasted with the overwhelming love, joy and light I had just been, my physical body felt awkward and heavy, and I was left with an unfathomable longing to return to the higher realm.

At this point in my dream, I woke up. I was so amazed by what had just happened that I got out of bed and wrote everything down in my journal before my memory fogged over and I lost the lessons I had received.

After writing, I wanted to share what I had experienced, so I tried to read the journal to Ted.

I got less than one sentence into reading, and I began weeping and couldn’t stop. It wasn’t that I was sad about being in my physical form. I just had a great desire that, at least once in every person’s lifetime on earth, they could experience the overwhelming love, tenderness and joy of the universe like I just had.

Well, I’m sure you can imagine what kind of vibrations I was ringing to right about then. I knew I had to get myself reanchored, and I knew just which little stone I needed.

So I went into the bottom of my bottom dresser drawer and got out the blue tiger eye. I held it in my hand, even when I went and took a bath with baking soda and a window open. It was a long time, but it did work, although I’ll always be in awe that such a small stone can do so much.

I haven’t had any other calls for it quite as dramatic as that one lately, but I have used it in the occasional healing, either on myself or someone else. It’s a wonderful gift from the universe to us to keep our feet firmly planted on earth until it’s our time to make our final journey out of the physical realm and into the all-encompassing radiance that is the love of God for all creation.

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