In This Season of Joy and Thanksgiving

If the underlying theme of the universe is love, then I think our overall response should be gratitude and joy.

When we’re right in the middle of difficult situations, it is hard to respond joyfully or thankfully. It is much easier to get stuck wondering “Why me,” or whining “Poor me”.

The physical life we lead isn’t going to be total pleasure without pain. The universe has given us hearts that feel emotions, make attachments between people, and otherwise become interwoven in the grand tapestry of humanity. As much as we try to shield ourselves from showing our human frailty to others (and I am undoubtedly a world champion at this sport!), we were not designed to live as islands unto ourselves.

The parts of ourselves that we see as weakness are given to us as teachers we carry within ourselves. Sometimes, the lessons they have for us about humility, open-mindedness, and responsibility are painful to receive. We often are shown where we need to be working in ourselves by the words or actions of another.

Too often, we get stuck in a mental loop grumbling about the messenger when universe wants us to look up, stop what we’re doing and saying, and just do the work on our selves that needs to be done.

In the moment we’re being educated, it’s hard to be joyful or thankful. But by asking God, who is universe, and who also permeates every atom of who we are, for help and accepting that help while we continue to do our own inner tasks, then we can take delight in God’s loving, tender response.

One day of this is never enough. Every time I learn something, I only learn it in part, and I often need to be taken back to school (often to the great frustration of those who are given to me as teachers as well as myself as a student). Perhaps I should be asking God that I only have to learn things once, not like a half-witted dog that you’re trying to teach basic obedience who doesn’t understand the meaning of its own name when you tell it to come.

But I think that, if God is loving, and we are making a whole-hearted and consistent effort to learn, then the response we receive will be one of patience, too.

Just so, I must respond to my own growth with the same love and patience that I am shown by God. We must simultaneously love the person we are as well as the person we are being grown to become.

I know that, after hard lessons, looking back on where I came from and where I am headed as part of a lifelong, universal journey that is only glimpsed from this lifetime, I have no other proper response besides deepest love of and thankfulness for all my teachers and joy for who God has created me to be.

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4 Comments on “In This Season of Joy and Thanksgiving”

  1. YUMI Says:

    What a beautiful words and writing!! This post and the one before was the answer to exactly why I felt ‘stuck’ ore ‘stagnated’ last few weeks! Thank you! I thought you were involved with “metaphysics” long ago before you said you did. However, enjoy your path.. and I am grateful that our paths has crossed! Thank you for your beautiful music too! Look forward reading the next one!!

  2. halfnotes Says:

    Dear Yumi,

    Thanks for the kind words and encouragement. I post these things as much to remind myself of important lessons as for anyone else, but it’s always nice if what I learn can help someone else, too.

    Thanks also for the compliments on music. As for that, I am just a messenger. If I had been doing things in my own strength and ego, I wouldn’t have been able to do anything! Every creation has been full of surprises for me, and no matter how long I do this, I don’t think I’ll ever get over that feeling of wonder when a piece is finished and it’s just right.

  3. seeing Says:

    How perfect it was to read this post today. Thank you! It’s difficult at times to stand in the face of life’s lessons without taking it personally and reacting like the 2 legged aniimals we are. Trust in the universe and the universe will reflect it’s love and abundance in our daily living of ourselves. Love truly is the source isn’t it? When we deny it we deny ourselves as the divine beings we are.

  4. halfnotes Says:

    Two-legged animals, indeed! If I were a goat, it’d be “Bleat, drink and be merry”; we humans just get stuck looking down at our feet too often and forget to look up and thank God for all the reminders of universal love.

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