Stepping Stones: Rose Quartz

My next heart stone was rose quartz. Like rhodochrosite, it’s pink, but it works at a higher energy level and, at least in my opinion, is more potent.

rose quartz

Rose quartz made me think about how God loves us unconditionally and accepts every aspect of who we are. So if God can love us in this way, who are we not to love ourselves? How can we not take each part of who we are and treat it with the same love God does?

This isn’t a quick and easy way to excuse one from responsibility. Every action we take will cause specific reactions in the world around us. Whether you decide to steal from someone, give a million dollars to charity, cheat on your spouse, adopt a child, murder someone, or become mayor of a city, all these things have consequences. You took those particular actions and, therefore, have to deal with the consequences.

You can’t pass responsibility (blame) off on someone or something other than yourself. “The devil made me do it?” “That’s the booze talking?” “I come from a broken home?” No! You did it, and you said it!

When you accept your entire being and love it, it also doesn’t mean you stop evolving as a person, unless, of course, you choose to stop. It’s not a cure-all stone that will make everything OK. It’s a stone to help us open our eyes, open our hearts, take a look at who we are, and then, once we’ve decided we want to, move forward on our own heart’s journey.

For me, loving myself doesn’t necessarily mean just being passive and resigning myself to the status quo. I want to go beyond where I am today, even if my path isn’t always in a straight line. I want to learn to work with the character I’ve been given, not striving for perfection or beating myself up because I get angry or greedy or anything else, but looking at those traits, accepting they’re part of me, and then figuring out how I can incorporate them into the wholeness of who I am so that they’re an acknowledged part of me but not swept under the rug or given free rein over my whole life.

It’s like accepting our physical bodies. Every one of us has parts that are more attractive than other parts. I might have beautiful hands, or you might have gorgeous eyes. But both of us have butts that stink, hair that falls out occasionally, feet with calluses, bad breath in the morning, or hairy armpits.

If we choose to, we can take a shower, brush our teeth, get a pedicure, or shave. It doesn’t change the fact that we have those parts.

That’s the lesson of rose quartz. I have a temper. I can get dissatisfied with my life and feel like I don’t have enough (money, recognition, etc.). I know I’m good at what I do and don’t like hearing criticism.

Rather than get stuck on those traits, I take them along with my more noble ones; I love to help others, teach people new things, show people that the universe is a loving place.

Often, I can put all parts of my character to good use. For instance, you can’t be a passionate advocate for independence for the disabled without a temper, and you don’t get better as an artist without listening to criticism (even though it makes you angry to hear it!) consider it, take the parts that you think really could make you better, and act on them.

By taking all these different parts and using them in concert, I’m an immensely complex but rich expression of what humanity can be. Everyone else reflects that same truth in a slightly different way, and together, we show the whole spectrum of character.

Rose quartz may just be a little pink stone, but it has big lessons for anyone who wants to take the time to pay attention and learn them.

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2 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Rose Quartz”

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