Stepping Stones: Rhodochrosite (Inca Rose)

The next step on my path of discovering stones and crystal was a deeply personal one. I had grown using the stones I had, but I found that I was having trouble with my heart. I kept everyone and everything at a distance, including myself.

How, you might wonder, can you keep yourself at a distance from yourself? Well, as long as I pretended that nothing made me angry, sad, disappointed, or any of the other “negative” emotions, that’s just what I was doing.

Not only was it affecting me; it was making it difficult for me as a Reiki practitioner to let the energy flow through me.

Ted, much more knowledgeable about stones than I, came up with rhodochrosite, a pink stone sometimes called Inca rose. Again, it was the name that pulled me in. I have a deep love of the Incas and Peru, and anything called “Inca rose” was something I wanted to explore.

The first thing to arrive was a bunch of beads, which Ted made into a necklace for me.


This, like the obsidian bracelet, became a daily addition to whatever I was wearing.

And it started doing its work, or prompting me to do it myself. It gently reminded me that the universe was primarily loving, and there was something of unique value within me that only I had that could be found nowhere else in all of creation.

When you start contemplating this stuff, it definitely stirs things up. Ted had also gotten some tumbled rhodochrosite, and this went into my pocket.

Actually, it wasn’t my pocket so much now. I had a little cloth bag that I carried with me with a whole “kit” of stones: Dalmatian jasper, obsidian, and rhodochrosite. As I discovered stones of lasting relevance to me, at least one sample of them went into the pouch.

Just as Dalmatian stone is more gentle than obsidian, so rhodochrosite is just the first step I took on a sort of heart ladder. It opened my heart and me to bigger things, and another stone presented itself to help me assimilate them into my character.

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4 Comments on “Stepping Stones: Rhodochrosite (Inca Rose)”

  1. Reiko Says:

    Hi, Stephanie. I can totally relate to your concern about opening heart. I am also intereted in using crystals. According to Katrina Paphael, the combination of rose qurtz, kunzite, and pink tormatrine will help you to open your heart. You can try them, too.

  2. halfnotes Says:


    Yes, those pink stones really work on the heart, don’t they? If you want heart work without the heat that sometimes comes with the pink stones, a lot of the green ones are very powerful (for instance emerald, peridot, malachite, chrome diopside). I think you have to explore and listen to your guides; they’ll let you know what you need, even if it’s not something you think you want!

  3. songdeva Says:

    Rhodochrosite for me has had to do with forgiveness, cracking open a wall around the heart built by resentment and used for protection (the wall, that is). It’s also just wicked pretty! You have me all aflame to post pics of my stones now. :)

  4. halfnotes Says:


    Well, the pictures don’t do anything for me because I can’t see them, but I know they’re lots of fun for other people to look at. And yes, “wicked pretty” is the perfect description for rhodochrosite! Have you tried rosy quartz? I kind of think it’s like Rhodochrosite Level 2.

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